The MO&Co. aesthetic

Most fashion relationships barely last a week, so when a brand chooses a model to represent them over an extended period of time it is something unique. For the past four years, MO&Co. has enlisted Freja Beha as the sole face of their seasonal campaigns, starring the Danish beauty in a variety of looks and photographic styles united by the enigmatic Ms. Beha and the brand’s on trend fashion sensibility. Following the launch of its latest campaign on, this sponsored retrospective courtesy of MO&Co. of their 10 campaigns featuring Freja as captured by a host of today’s top photographers including Willy Vanderperre, Karim Sadli and Sølve Sundsbø, gives us a true sense of the MO&Co. aesthetic. Simplicity, elegance and trend consciousness register in each image as Freja’s nonchalant cool anchors the total package. With a clear vision of its image this is a brand that seems poised to break out of its native Chinese market onto the global scene.

MO&Co. Winter 2010

MO&Co. Winter 2011

MO&Co. Spring 2011

MO&Co. Summer 2011

MO&Co. Autumn 2011

MO&Co. Winter 2012


MO&Co. Spring 2012


MO&Co. Summer 2012

MO&Co. Autumn 2012


MO&Co. Spring/Summer 2013

  1. Because she’s the one… i really think all this cool models will never come close to Freja’s perfection. She was born to be loved!

  2. Now this is the queen of cool really, Freja just is naturally relaxed. When they shove Cara down our throats and say shes’s “cool”

  3. Freya is not my favorite, but she’s a natural obviously, she doesn’t even have to try and she doesn’t! She just simply stands there and photographers love her.

  4. Hi I am international professional model currently based in China,how can one be a MO&Co model

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