Elise supports Tim

MDC stopped by Elise Crombez‘ intimate gathering this past week welcoming fellow Belgian artist/designer Tim van Steenbergen to New York. Tim’s installations of his sleek, beautiful designs seamlessly merged art with fashion. Elise on Tim:

MDC: So Elise, do you want to tell me why you support him and what you enjoy about his work?
Elise:  Not only because he’s Belgian and I’m proud of Belgian people making it here, but also because his stuff has an edge and a personality. He doesn’t follow that safe play of “I’m going to make clothes but not really take a chance”. I think that that’s the most important thing, because if you stay true to what you really want to create then the first thing you care about is just being creative and the rest follows. I told Tim just have fun with what you do. People are attracted to it because they really want to be a part of that creativeness. They want to see something where they could go like, “Oh my god, could I actually wear this?” And when they wear his clothes, they’re like “It’s comfortable AND it’s something really special”. And he’s so young, and so talented and reserved yet down to earth. I think that’s what people out here love about Belgians and why I think those talented artists deserve to be recognized and be appreciated for their work, because they actually don’t take everything for granted. It’s nice to see that nowadays.”

Photo: Nevena Borrisova with Tim van Steenbergen and Elise Crombez

Model on the wall

Model/Wall part 2

Some of Tim’s designs


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