Made In Heaven

You can always count on V Magazine to pull out a great reference. For their Icons issue, V looks back at the influencers who have come to shape popular culture and Sebastian Faena‘s dreamy shoot with Miranda Kerr looks back to 70s/80s original, Cicciolina. Art aficionados may remember Cicciolina for her short-lived romance with Jeff Koons and Made In Heaven, the ensuing series of paintings, sculptures and artifacts dedicated to their love affair. The dream team of Julia von Boehm, Jeanine Lobell and Kevin Ryan recreates the Cicciolina look on Miranda with platinum blonde hair, colorful makeup and an array of lacy white dresses. Top it all off with a floral crown and one bared breast and you have an accurate, yet updated portrayal of a sex symbol.

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  1. two out of the three black and white pictures of the spread are masterpieces of Mr Faena´s work!!!!!!!!!! The rest is very playboy-ish and ordinary.

  2. I love Miranda, but her blonde hair is not doing it for me, neither most of the photographs and styling (holographic shoes with a countryside dress, say what?).
    Also, what’s that pose on the second pic, is she grabbing a boob in a way that resembles breastfeeding? I’m sorry, but that just seems wrong in my eyes!

    The first picture is gorgeous, though, she looks soooo perfect <3

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