Garden of Delights

Julia Noni creates an atmospheric story for Vogue Germany‘s September issue, creating images filled with color, life and artistry. Jeneil Williams stars in Noni’s arresting images wearing a mix of seasonal knitwear selected by stylist Kathrin Schiffner, offering a taste of fall’s practical staples but giving them an ethereal twist. As always Jeneil brings power and sensuality to each image she appears in and Noni’s richly saturated style pops right off the page.






  1. I’ve been waiting for you guys to feature this editorial. Jeneil just gets better and better!!

  2. absolutely breathtaking. some of the most amazing fashion images I’ve seen in a LONG LONG time.

  3. Really love this editorial! The color of her skin looks amazing in print, she reminds me of the great fashion shows of 70’s.

  4. Her bone structure, every single bone, from head to toe, is just breath-taking. Love how the dark chocolate skin just glows, stunning!

  5. Jeineil is honestly one of the most powerful models we have today, along with Catherine Mcneil and Saskia de Brauw, she deserves STAR status because she is so elegant and fierce.

  6. i would love to see her wearing couture in editorial shot by meisel or whoever. why always refering africa? i love diverse put her in couture, vogue italia cover make her shine!

  7. One of the most hardworking and disciplined models of the moment, not to mention exquisite in print! Keep growing Jeneil, supermodel status is definitely in your future. You’re an inspiration to Jamaicans and black girls worldwide.

  8. Jeneil is one of the hardest working models out there. Can’t wait to see more! I agree – she deserves star status!

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