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When you combine 7 of the biggest models of all time and Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott you are guaranteed a full scale fashion event. Interview Magazine delivers the month’s sleekest front pages via its September model issue, a tour de force trip through the models that matter, past and present. The star studded issue comes complete with a jam packed cover story that pays tribute to the timeless allure of the industry’s premier beauties.

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Amber Valletta


Daria Werbowy


Christy Turlington


Linda Evangelista


Kate Moss


Naomi Campbell


Stephanie Seymour

  1. Linda´s face was retouched to death, unfortunately, because she is still one of the most goodlooking women in the business.

  2. Really amazing crew of models. I just miss Gisele on this cover, afterall she is the übbermodel.

  3. daria looks amazing but makes no sense with the cast… where s cindy or claudia? or gisele ?
    too bad they went out of control with linda cos she even doesnt look like the same model who was on the cover of vogue italia just a month ago !! n i agree with eek naomi looks turned chirsty lol
    M&M are amazing but they really loose contact with reality when it comes to photoshop… when they work with madonna her eyes r liquified beyond human !!! we all know what those woman look like if retouched they r still supposed to look like them selves or it will all turn into a parody

  4. Kate, Naomi, Linda & Christy, absolute perfection! Naomi’s cover is the best, she even manages to top Kate!

    Stephanie looks creepy, Daria looks stunning but Amber’s cover does nothing for me, would have preferred to see Gisele or Cindy.

    Regardless, all these ladies are timeless beauties!

  5. I am in heaven. This is the best September Issue by far. Kate has the weaker cover compare to others.Does Christy have 2 covers or Naomi has 2 cover? They do look alike lol. I love them all. It would be fun to see the before retouching photos.

  6. Where is Gisele? Naomi kills it in here!!!Defo buying Naomi’s cover!! Linda looks like Joan Rivers in here. I mean why? The greatest supermodel of all time you are why such nip and pull?Why you allowed them Linda? Imagine Peter Lindbergh to shot the covers and no retouch at all? Like Amber Valletta;s Vogue It Feb Editorial, Peter shot. That would be soo cool. The world after the recesion in 2008 become so dull. Everyone throwback thursday, everyone wear grillz, everyone retouch to death, everyone look alike the same. Its great that they put models on the covers. But still the photography choice sorry not good. Mert and Marcus were soo good when they started. Remember that Misonni 2002 Gisele Ad? That was such a great ad.Why you need to go for more retouch? Ps if you examine closely you can spot some wrinkles on Christy and thats great! Probably she demanded how she would be seen. She is the only one probably that will age gracefuly. Cindy Crawford said – The face you have at 50 is the one you deserve. I would love in 2years to see Linda without retouch on a cover celebrating her 50th Bday xoxo

  7. All these covers are spectacular and my favorite September covers this year. I think the reason why Gisele isn’t featured is because Mert&Marcus really don’t work with Gisele all that much do they? I haven’t really seen it? But really am happy she isn’t featured because she makes more than 40 million a year she can take a a break now! I like the fact Daria is here I wish they would have had an Eight cover so they could have included a new face for fun but that’s just nitpicking these are FANTASTIC

  8. Unfortunately, retouching is the norm. And with Mert & Marcus, it’s always beyond the norm. We don’t see Linda often anymore, but she always looks different. Photoshop aside, when has Linda ever looked the same throughout here career? Someone like Kate Moss, who is everywhere and omnipresent doesn’t get the criticism because we’ve grown accustomed to seeing her photoshopped face. Kate in her candids is very wrinkled and dare I say sometimes even haggard-looking, and she’s only 39. But even the younger generation of models often get photoshopped to death. We, the fanatical followers of fashion know what these models actually look like, but the average Vogue reader wants to see perfection. Changing the subject a bit, I couldn’t be more pleased to see these covers, including Daria. I think Interview was very smart to include her. Perhaps this will help jump-start a new model phase in the USA. Less celebrities and the return of models.

  9. Surprised at the Daria comments – they wanted a big model from more recent times and Daria is one of the best. It’s hard to edit down to 7 but I think they did a great job.

  10. Marty you need more research. M@M did shot Gisele for Versace ss12, Turkish Vogue….. Maybe they didnt pay her fee probably. Coz Gisele do get paid huge cash no matter editorial or whatever…Just finished reading Grace A Memoir- Grace says Daria hates modeling, often on sailing trips. I agree noone else reached her status. BTW Gemma Ward is pregnant!

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