First Look: Interview Germany

Interview Germany’s September issue is completely overloaded with fashion and models this month –our two favorite things of course—and we were lucky enough to get an exclusive look inside the magazine before it hits newsstands this week. The latest issue features three stunning covers to collect, separately featuring Dree Hemingway, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Emily DiDonato. Inside the magazine, you can also find a Louis Vuitton special, featuring the beautiful Katlin Aas, along with an editorial starring Norwegian newcomer Kristine Froseth, by Charlotte Wales. Additionally, this jam-packed issue also includes a special interview with cover model Dree Hemingway and her mother Mariel, accompanied by a fashion shoot inspired by the iconic style of Mariel and the late Margaux Hemingway. This is one magazine that you can’t miss—have a look below at our sneak peek of Interview Germany.

Text by Victoria Perillo





Dree Hemingway: Photographer: Sepastian Faena | Styling: Julia von Boehm | Hair: Kevin Ryan | Makeup: Frankie Boyd




Charlotte Gainsbourg: Photographer: Driu Crilly & Tiago Martel | Styling: Karen Kaiser | Hair: Alexandry Costa | Makeup: William Bartel




Emily di Donato: Photographer: Giampaolo Sgura | Styling: Klaus Stockhausen | Hair: Davide Diodovich | Makeup: Jessica Nedra


Louis Vuitton special: Photographer: Markus Pritzi | Styling: Klaus Stockhausen | Hair and Makeup: Stelli Uschi Rabe




Kristine Froseth: Styling: Clare Byrne | Hair: Tamaz Tuzaz | Makeup: Justine Purdue

  1. Interview Germany… A tab it lackluster, doesn’t really seem all that interesting. I did however think Emily editorial looks like it has potential as well as Katlin and Kristine (who am excited to see!) other than that Dree’s(Dree looks beautiful in the first shot though) and Charlotte looks boring.

  2. Emily eyes look so bad… she look weird and they are over whiten !! cmon photoshop s a great instrument but seriously people still overdo like this !!

  3. @trumancapote Emily eyes are like that,not for that she has a contract with Maybelline NY,perfect healty beauty
    no photoshop,and why when somebody is so beautifull people thinks is over retouched…cmon!

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