Abstract Expressionism

The intersection of art and fashion never fails to create arresting imagery, but the September collections edition of Dazed & Confused takes things one step further with an inventive fall editorial by Daniel Jackson. Transforming Esther De Jong, Casey Legler, Danielle Zinaich and Bridget Hall into gilded abstractions the story is a one of a kind take on the season’s key fashions. Hair and makeup by Francelle Daly and Esther Langham adds a painterly touch, while a razor sharp manicure by Tracylee provides a touch of danger. Stark styling courtesy of Alastair McKimm hones in on the minimalist yet decadent look of the moment, adding a gothic twist via a range of textured black pieces and expertly layered furs. The full look combines to re-imagine model as a living sculpture – distorted yet expressive and compelling.






  1. even with all of this make-up on, you can telll these are well season models/supermodels. their posing and energy is busting out of these pictures.

  2. As a lifelong fanatic of the original Expressionists, such as Kirchner and Mueller, along with the Neo-Expressionists, such as Schnabel, Basquiat, Penck and Clemente, as well as everything in art that is intense and expressionist in spirit, like de Koonig, Goya and, most of all, of course, the master himself, Van Gogh, I have to say:

    This is facukin awesome!!

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