Princess for a Day

Angela Lindvall channels Grace Kelly in a 1950’s inspired editorial for Harper’s Bazaar UK. Impeccably styled by Leith Clark in a collection of feminine suits, dresses, and accessories, the iconic Lindvall successfully matches the poise and sophistication of Princess Grace, while adding in a modern day feel. With each style elegant and polished, these timeless looks are perfect for the workplace or an afternoon on the town. Text by Victoria Perrillo

Photographer: Liz Collins

                                                                                                                                                           See The Full Story Grace in Motion Here

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  1. Wow, she looks great. To be honest I didn’t know that was her in the smaller picture. I thought it was some newcomer or something.

  2. People should really stop referencing Grace Kelly. There is no one like her and trying to make up models to look like her or channel her vibe just ends up making the model look like a pale and second-rate facsimile. Even Vendela who actually looked like GK didn’t measure up.

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