Into the Wild

Li Xiao Xing rules the animal kingdom in the most recent issue of Flare Magazine, dressed from head to toe in an array of animalistic patterns. Stylist Martha Violante demonstrates the more exaggerated the print, the better- pairing an overload of edgy fabrics and accessories to create these trendy looks. With summer coming to an end and a new season right around the corner, it’s time to make the transition and show off your wild side this fall. Text by Victoria Perrillo 

Photographer: Andrew Yee | Hair: Shlomi Mor | Manicurist: Kelly B (De Facto) | Casting: Paul Isaac

                                                                                                                                             See More from Into the Wild Here


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  1. I love blonde or lighter colored hair on Asian it really brings out their features, cause before I never really noticed Li all that much but now she looks spectacular.

  2. I think this looks fantastic! I love the simple use of a set. I love the tones and simple yet strong attitude in Li. Wonderful hair as well!

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