1. I love the placement of Saskia on the cover, she looks great and I love the hair. Only thing I find displeasing is the styling which is a little lackluster bit boring but other than that one of the most interesting September covers yet.

  2. indeed the grunge was part of the 90s and the styling s absolute not strong enough to be on the cover of french vogue… a bra ? c’mon !!!

  3. ahahahaha I have to agree with Truman on this one… a bra?! Seriously?! With so many amazing stuff from JPG, Todd Oldham and Mugler from the nineties and they´ve chosen THAT to cover her breasts??! 🙁

  4. the styling of the whole shoot s quite boring , those boots have been shot at least 3 4 times n there s barely any coat… in the majority of the images the models are almost naked … which we love of course but to relay on that for the whole story is quite sad… i love M&M i think they have been doing some of the hottest story on the past few years but again the whole vogue paris and the big story on W look quite similar… is it possible that this biz it s own just by a handful of people !!

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