1. She looks stunning and differently not the choose I thought it would be, I think it’s strong to a point such as her face but her body is stiff other than that she looks outstanding. But can we call her anything but a model because to me she isn’t she’s like a “model socialite”

  2. this is great less stupid actressess models on the cover. i think its time the nuclear to step down. i wanna see fashion with models on its covers, less bloging and more focus on what quality is….ps bravo cara

  3. perfect pout! she is everywhere now, definitely the it-girl though i’m afraid she will start being too “everyday”. fingers crossed.

  4. I’m not a fan of Cara, neither a hater. But she looks AMAZING here, like a real supermodel, an icon! Most of the pictures I see of her are not this great, if she looked like this (not the expression, that would be boring, but the aura), I think people would start giving her more credit.

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