In Her Own Words

The September issue of British Vogue may feature a stellar Patrick Demarchelier shot of Daria Werbowy on its cover, but the modeling star’s most intriguing contribution to the magazine lies inside the corresponding interview. The insightful piece by Jo Ellison provides a window into Daria’s private world – from her passion for sailing, to her feelings on her landmark career and the fashion business itself. For any appreciator of Daria – or any fan of gutsy, articulate women in general – the piece is a must read.

ON THE BUSINESS OF MODELING : “People are always trying to fit us into boxes and say, she’s this kind of girl or she’s that kind of girl. I think I was feeling that very acutely. I was really confused as to who I was supposed to be. It is very difficult for anyone in the public eye.”

“I’ve always wanted to be a supporter of women and break the gender roles of what women can be. So I when I started working a lot and seeing myself getting sucked into the idea of what model is… I realized I’m not that person.”

“In the beginning I didn’t get it.I wanted to look like me, instead of being done up to look like this older woman. I didn’t understand fashion. Now I have more respect. I see what these people are trying to do me. ”

ON TAKING A BREAK FROM FASHION : “It was more a way of embracing who I was and realizing that I had to be true to myself. To keep that mental sanity.”

ON FEELING PRIDE ABOUT HER WORK WITH CELINE “She feels connected to the woman I’m becoming.”



  1. she is the supermodel of this era! her works speak for itself.

    she is definitely MODEL OF THE YEAR. no model achieve the amount of prestigious work that she got so far and it’s only september

  2. Deffinetly buying this! I adore Daria and these shots of her are particularly beautiful! She’s so interesting aswell, I’m fascinated when ever she opens up about herself.

  3. There’s no one better than Daria she’s an icon and her work is outstanding but I don’t find the cover interesting at all, it’s slightly boring to be honest. Overall is beautiful but there’s something off to me personality.

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