1. thre s no 1 else but james dean….pleaseee be more original plus mr Karl did alredy wth his fav n it was way better..so if u have to reapet..u have to do it little better at lest

  2. he is so nice and humble but also gorgeous & so good at what he does. you don’t see perfect guys like that too often.

  3. Mathias is the best model ever, he is not be no. 10 but no.1 male model in the world.
    He is so diverse, in his every picture he looks breathtaking gorgeous.
    Love him so much <3

  4. hahahaa “Very average” oh dear

    LOVE THIS btw! I always thought he could pull it off well and by looks of things he has here…was great for the Hugo Boss AD Campaign (where he kinda reminded me of james dean in that aswell)

  5. hrmmm in the first photo, shouldn’t his scar be on the LEFT side of his face?

    either way… absolutely wonderful <3333

  6. Hi Ambigous,
    You say Mathias looks very average- means where you live all guys are handsome like Mathias. Please tell me where you live and I pack my suitcase …..

  7. I also feel he’s quite average looking as well, and maybe that’s his charm. If I saw him on the street, I wouldn’t think much of it if he weren’t famous already.

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