Candice Chameleon

Candice Swanepoel is showing off her signature sex appeal in her latest shoot—and we’re not talking a Victoria’s Secret ad. In an editorial by David Mushegain for Vogue Russia, the South African beauty trades in her angel wings for an edgier look, posing alongside graffiti covered walls and even rocking a nose ring. Styled by Gillian Wilkins, Swanepoel wears colorful prints, paired with lace, leather, and spikes, all which go hand in hand with her bold surroundings. Have a look at the stunning photographs of Swanepoel below, where she proves herself to be a chameleon shoot after shoot…

Hair: Charles McNair | Makeup: John McKay (De Facto)

Text by Victoria Perillo

  1. She looks exactly like she ALWAYS does, Spanish Vogue with Vivanco, Kadel stuff etc..not impressed with her work, what I am impressed with is her body and determination to stay in perfect shape all year round (no doubt, it comes with being a vs model, I wouldn’t feel comfortable either eating a burger and a sundae the night before a shoot and then having 5 cookies the day of the shoot for high tea). My point is she should not be afraid to experiment with facial expressions and poses..( yes, she has a sexy frown here rather then a sexy smirk/wondering sexy smile face, but it’s something we’ve seen many times before) I’m not going to get into the whole pushing the butt back thing..tumblr is full of that already!

    So, Candice, i’m sure you’ll be reading this – Next time you do an editorial, JUST GO FREAKING WILD, you’re gorgeous, you can pull off anything!

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