A Furry Affair

It’s that time of year again, summer is coming to an end and the highly anticipated September issues will soon be taking over the magazine shelves. Vogue Japan has Cara Delevingne on its cover, but let’s set our focus inside the magazine, on Catherine McNeil and her mile-long legs. In “A Furry Affair”, photographed by Emma Summerton, McNeil is captured looking perfectly polished and sophisticated in glam furs, strappy sandals and satchels, a chic black bob, and deep red lips, and holds a beautifully mysterious gaze away from the camera. Take a look at the breathtaking editorial below, which completely captures the ‘wow’ factor of the anticipated issue.

Stylist: Patti Wilson | Hair: Duffy | Makeup: Mathias van Hooff | Nails: Alicia Torello | See the full story at CLM

Text by Victoria Perillo





  1. The question is why wasn’t Catherine on the cover rather than Cara? (I have so much resentment towards Cara for no reason haha, i think shes a gorgeous girl with a lot of personality BUT she just isn’t a model to me) Other than that I think Cat looks outstanding she’s so versatile and can make anything look like a million dollars. I love Catherine can do no wrong in my book, she could be banana leaf and pasties and she would out of this world.

  2. I’m not saying she is most beautiful but she is DEFENITELY the sexiest female model ever!! Absolute CAT! 🙂 #Meow

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