Back In Black

She’s baaaaaaaaaack, the unstoppable Australian returns with a vengeance, snapping up one of the season’s best campaigns and showing off newly dyed chocolate locks. Abbey Lee Kershaw shows off those chiseled cheekbones alongside Adrien Sahores in the latest ads for Gucci. Styled by Edward Enninful and shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott the fall  Gucci campaign sizzles and offers up a sleek alternative to the line’s more ethereal imagery. There is no Flora fantasy to be found here, just hard lines, glossy leather and enough sex appeal to satisfy even the most insatiable fashion fanatic.






  1. While the general photoshop here is questionable, that last picture is a complete disaster, the torso does not fit the legs.

  2. we’ve been waitinnnngggg, So happy to see Abbey! Even though the ad isn’t absolutely amazing, I just love it because I get to see my favorite girl from down under! I can’t wait to see her raise right back to the top of the rankings (maybe knock down Arizona *hint* *hint*) Anyways! I’m glad to see Abbey with a new look! I hope I see her and Freja on the runway again. WOULDN’T THAT BE A DREAM!

  3. THANKGOD !!!
    Kate Upton and Karlie Kloss move over ABBEY LEE and Catherine Mc Neil are back for real

  4. Take a break for a year, come back, book the first OG Gucci campaign in years….sounds iconic to me……..

  5. @ Vinviano
    So right, this is the first time in about 3 years last i can think of is Raquel.

  6. She reminds me of Ashley Olsen here!

    Would like to see the other shots too! I think these shots show the same expression.

  7. I PRAYED TO THE MODEL GODS THAT MY ABBEY WOULD RETURN. She is MY ABSOLUTE #1!! Everything she does is perfect. I’m so glad and actually screamed/cried when I saw these. The lighting is horrendous and too striking but still great. Praise to Frida Giannini for keeping Abbey a favorite of her’s as well. Lets pray Abbey will hit Woman’s Spring 14 come September.

  8. She looks incredible. This is the type of campaign that you never forget, the kind of capaign you stop and stare at for several minutes instead of just continuing to flip the page, the kind of campaign that makes you want all the clothes. I agree, this is ICONIC!

  9. @ Vinciano,

    Daria Strokous Pre-fall 2013 OG
    Karmen Pedaru Resort 2012 OG
    Sigrid Agren Pre-fall 2011 OG

  10. @anlabe32

    yeah, but those are cruise/prefall, not the main campaign. Last one was 3 years ago with Raquel.

  11. @ Gabi

    Nowadays there’s no difference anymore in relevance between RTW and Pre-seasons. The latter collections sell better thus advertising for it has become equally important.

  12. Abbey is GORGEOUS here! Love the campaign. Sooooo glad she’s back! I love everything Abbey does, just so free and sexy and captivating and everything.

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