True Grit

Patrick Petitjean is in a class by himself. The always original male model graces Vogue Hommes International in Mario Sorrentis biker themed denim editorial. With the luscious Eniko Mihalik by his side, Patrick cruises down dirt roads, lounges in the grass and of course takes a cigarette break. With his trademark beard and unkempt hauteur Patrick is as always the perfect modern rebel.





Patrick Petitjean & Eniko by Mario Sorrenti | Image Credit – Saskia @ modelhommes

  1. It’s good to see Patrick Petitjean on the map again. He is the only male model to have a mane on his face, and yet its still very ‘fashion’. I do however, think he is a very attractive man without the facial hair. (Prada FW08)

  2. trim it down a bit n he will ook way better s out of control in a bad way…btw pic n2 so fake… looks like they were sititgn on the bike…lol so cheap

  3. I appreciate the uniqueness of Patrick but he’s taken it too far. I love his facial hair when it’s not unkempt though. Eniko is a goodness always and forever.

  4. a v welcome break from the herd of clones. which begs the question, where is that beautiful avedon kid who was all everywhere 5 years ago? also loved his hair, smile, and refreshing appeal.


  6. the good thing is that Patrick will never read your superficials comments, he is so beyond fashion. you guys should go to the theatre sometimes….

  7. What the-?! Are they kidding me? This guy looks like a homeless hobo. I’ve seen him without a beard and I think he looks great but this is not a model. It gives me the feeling that maybe I can model. Sheesh. The homelessness has to go. He does not appear nor look like a titled “supermodel”. I’m not trying to downplay Patrick but he just doesn’t look great. And I’m all about individuality and variety when it comes to models and distinctive looks. But he just doesn’t look…like anything. Congrats to him booking this though.

  8. I love it that Patrick has the guts to be a man. Gorgeous. While he is attractive clean shaven I much prefer this far more masculine look. He rocks the beard beautifully. I like my men wild and hairy. Seeking out this magazine tomorrow morning before work.

  9. Though fashion as an art can cover this as a look, at what point does general grooming factor in? I don’t think it takes hair to make a man and aren’t we past the ridiculous concept that more hair = more masculine? Moreover, the bearded-long-hair look doesn’t have to look unkempt or rather, uncaring. It suggests bad manners and a lack of respect.

  10. Sorry, but in addition this is more like photo journalism than fashion, particularly when your subject looks like Charlie Manson. But this trend too, shall pass.

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