Txema Yeste creates an erotically charged fashion fantasy with Jac Jagaciak in the pages of Numero. Styled in revealing jet black looks by Franck Benhamou and sporting short, gamine hair Jac takes on a whole new persona. The strong, at times androgynous woman she portrays in this story  is a striking change from the way she’s usually photographed and she pulls the look off with aplomb, conveying the right mix of sensuality and confidence in all her images. Yeste’s saturated color palette and the stark assortment of ensembles make for a thrilling tribute to the season’s obsession with powerdressing.

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  1. wow, she looks stunning in this and with short hair!!!
    i am a big fan of the style and the hair (if i haven’t mentioned yet 😉 )
    great pics, great story, great girl..chapeau

  2. It’s neat to watch these girls grow into women! She used to get so much more work now you see her here and there. Jac is to stunning for that.

    Is that her hair or a wig?

  3. You can do basically anything with Jac. A timeless beauty kind of girl in Chanel Beauty, a handsome boy in Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 ads, an innocent baby face 15yo girl in her CK ads, a killer sexy woman in Vogue Germany eds, Audrey Hepburn short haircut in Ulyana Sergeenko HC AW13 couture, and this androgynous look in Numero. Certainly not a one type boring girl. She’s a very versatile model. She could be anything you want her to be.

  4. tell anything u want but most of the models want to work for Victoria’s Secret, in VS is the real money for them and their agencies!

  5. Since I’m not her accountant, I really hope to never see her doing any VS stuff… I mean, if you have to look stunning to be an angel, you certainly don’t have to be one to be drop dead gorgeous and incredibly captivating – especially the way Monika is.
    Btw really one of the most solid, reliable and sometimes (when she has to be) incredibly surprising models around, I agree, she can be anything, and with such a disarming ease.

  6. Superior editorial.
    Photographer, model et al.
    Exudes a feeling of Isabeli’s past work yet procurs its own identity. Such an edit surely opens up a new realm of prospects for Jac. Blossom behold.

    Hyper-sensual.. a stiletto’d trot on the edge of erotica.

  7. <3 + she's too polished, to pretty, to refined for that trashy, hideous, kitschy VS shows and crappy lingerie. her short hair is so fresh.

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