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Nothing can stand in the way of the unstoppable force that is Daria Werbowy. When the globe-trotting superstar isn’t embarking on a sailing expedition or documenting her most recent voyage she finds time to rack up an impressive array of campaigns and covers. With her serene beauty and laid back personality, Daria has become the go to choice for labels in search of a touch of cool.



Vogue Paris August 2013 by David Sims


Celine F/W 13 by Juergen Teller


Salvatore Ferragamo by David Sims



  1. this new 6month new comers slash hasbeens have to learn something from Daria Werbowy! a true icon! follow her carrier since day 1…very sadly this days rare are the models that breath take you away. only i got that vibe of Edie Campbell and Kati Nesher thats all. where fashion went very sadly… i miss Gemma Ward and the excitement of knowing a newcomer and you see her transform into supermodel season after season. with this 6month Linda(Arizona Muse) Evangelistas wanna bees its boring. Especialy their sartorial clothes of the models today 🙂 no comment.

  2. Not sure about the choice of fonts for the cover, it looks far too cluttered and busy.

  3. daria should be moved to the supermodel page. she has the most impressive resume in the past 10 years.

    every single season she has at least a few blue chip campaigns and that is unheard of in the modern era. even giselle and kate can’t achieve that level of consistency.

    she is a true supermodel.

  4. It wasn’t that long ago when I was thinking about Daria and wondered why she never gave a big toothy smile. Quite strange after all these years and I figured that it was because she had horrendous teeth or something else. It’s always been the trademark gaze. Nothing wrong with that but I’ve been wanting to see more versatility with her facial expressions. And here we are with Vogue Paris. I love it.

  5. Ugh. Ms.Werbowy is divine life of models, I think what makes her interesting to this day is because she says little and keeps a low profile. You can barely scrape 6 interviews of her from fTv on YouTube, the mystery of her is alluring. The girls of the early 00’s are champions till this day.

    To person above Gisele & Kate are supers because they are known outside of fashion. Everyone knows who they are, if they do something news networks in America will mention them. Supermodel = great work, but primarily public recognition. And Kate & Gisele don’t need to book much cause when they do they’re asking $HUGE MONEY$, Kate said in Vanity Fair(issue from this year I think?) she commands $400,000 for a day of shooting. Damn, that is beyond doctor’s salary for one day,… Let’s just imagine what Gisele and her booker ask for.
    I think Vogue Paris over did the cover, TOO MUCH TEXT.

  6. The cover and Celine campaign are great. This is called longevity. Young models and all new faces should look up to Daria and learn from her. Go Daria, go!

  7. Thinking about it, I’m not loving this cover to be honest. (I have to get this off my chest). Apart from my issue’s with the whole font mess,what’s going on with the art direction where I see red & black but no gold-why no gold?? I am disappointed with the general feel of it all to say the least.
    Daria used to give ‘Edge’ back in her heyday but this cover is giving a ‘Texan’ catalog feel. It isn’t a bad cover but it could have been a lot more striking and I think it is a great waste of a great model. It could have been so much better. Just a Southerners POV. Have to tut tut now, Naomi is in town and she needs me. xoxo

  8. The feline purs.. A supermodel as Daria in terms of persona and in a more recent reference of similarity, Hilary Rhoda, possess an energy which is quite pure and refined in a somewhat aristocratic manner.
    The blend of beauty, class and athleticism is quite enigmatic and harks upon an era’s past. As a previous comment notes, she is immersed is an aura of mystery.

    When Daria is booked for work, magic is guaranteed.

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