Anniversary Party

More is more and for the 25th Anniversary of Steven Meisel and Franca Sozzani at the helm  Vogue Italia unleashes a slew of collectible covers starring fashion’s best and brightest. Naturally, the legendary Meisel shoots each cover and uses the opportunity to showcase his versatility and signature flair for drama. Running the gamut from a stark exploration of S&M chic, to an all out Avedon-esque glamour shot, Meisel captures the fashion set from supermodels to rising stars.


Linda Evangelista, John Pearson, & RJ King


Amanda Murphy, Ethan James GreenMeghan Collison, Frederik MeijnenCameron Russell & Louis Steyaert


Gisele Bundchen & Tony Ward


Raquel Zimmermann & Dorian Reeves


Stella Tennant & Peter Marino


Natalia Vodianova

  1. Love them all! And it’s so nice that once again, models dominate the covers of VI! BRAVO! La Linda’s cover exudes such a genuine sense of enthusiasm that I can’t help but smile. Gisele’s is simply awesome with its touch of whimsy. The male casting in Linda and Gisele’s covers is utter perfection. Natalia’s cover reminds me of the late 80’s/early 90’s Revlon “The Most Unforgettable Women” hair ads – it seems so dated but is perfect for an anniversary cover. Stella’s cover features Stella working in her best element (IMO). So great to see Raquel still in the game! I really have nothing bad to say about any of the covers! Kudos to Steven Meisel, and congratulations to Franca Sozzani!

  2. I love love love these covers! The Raquel one to me it’s the best one, I loved her so much since I was a little kid in elementary school. I remember my teachers at school sequestered the first copy of Vogue Italia I’ve ever bought because it was open on my desk and I was looking at the Fendi ad where she was appearing. So for me she’s the model I’ll always love more than everyone else and a very Vogue memory.

  3. As always, Vogue Italia makes a revolution in all Vogue magazines around the world. Congrats

  4. Linda, John Pearson and RJ have my favorite cover. However, I love all of them. This is such an exciting milestone in fashion!

  5. 25 Years… NO black, Latino or Asian models or extras!

    I’m with Gustavo & Josh… You gotta be kidding me, and 25 years of being white apparently!

  6. I don’t consider Linda the most beautiful model (that would be Christy and Paulina to me)but as far as versatility and a model’s model are concerned, she’s IT for me. Looove her!!

  7. No. All those models and not one that isn’t white. Now that’s how to celebrate 25 years in fashion with no clear intention of actually moving forward. I mean, not EVEN Joan Smalls made it onto this cover. Over it. Next issue please.

  8. I really dont like any of the covers. shame. Big Meisel fan usually but this is not his best work

  9. by the way do agree no Joan Smalls is a bit weird init? Hoe about Naomi? Always looove her when Meisel shoots her

  10. Love some elements of these VI covers but unfortunately the glaring lack of diversity overshadows the proceedings. Apparently black models are only worthy of being featured in the Black Issue. You would think that amongst the following list of incredible modelling talents; Iman, Naomi, Joan Smalls, Liya Kebede, Jourdan Dunn, Chanel Iman, Arlenis Sosa, Senait Gidey, Anais Mali, Jasmine Tookes, Grace Mahary, Mélodie Monrose, Lais Ribeiro, and Malaika Firth, that at least one would have made the cut. Revolution? Apparently not…

  11. As usual, comments of exaggeration. All you have to do is stick an icon on a cover & people will over rate/lap it up. I find the covers rather disappointing to be honest. Vogue Italia covers usually scream creativity, excite & inspire but these are simply awful. All the covers make me cringe. Also, where’s the diversity?! How disappointing but I guess it represents the backward industry the fashion world has become.

  12. Mia, I’m sorry that you feel so negative about the positive comments. But to address your issue regarding diversity, I do believe the criticism of this particular anniversary issue in regards to race is warranted but not exactly fair to Vogue Italia. Looking at the VI 2013 covers so far…Fei Fei Sun had the January cover all to herself. Naomi Campbell had the February cover all to herself. Seriously, if you want to complain about lack of diversity on a Vogue cover, why not pick on Vogue Paris for its lack of diversity on its covers in 2013? And don’t even get me started on other editions such as Vogue Mexico, where the majority demographic is hardly white.

  13. Did you even read my comment? I expressed my disappointment to the lack of diversity on the covers above in comparison to the lack of diversity in the fashion industry, I did not specifically mention Vogue Italia as a whole magazine. Sadly, there’s always a “shut up & be happy/content with the little that is done” attitude…

  14. This is not good and am not happy, ending my sup of italian Vogue as of right now.
    Kim when you say Fei or Naomi had covers to them self, where there no other models of color?
    – When a magazine/cover states 25years of Fashion and Revolution (this coming from a magazine who did the Black Issue and was sold out) you think wait call Naomi (not available) Call Liya or Chanel, or Liu Wen, Sui He, Tian Yi , the list goes on…….HELLO. oh and by the way miss Kim, Did Gisele not get a June cover to herself? only a month ago – your words don’t match.

    25 Years of backward Fashion. oI mean only few hours ago in a top Paris fashion show, one of the top Fashion Directors was sat in 2nd row – I mean things are getting worst

  15. On Stella Tennant’s & Peter Marino’s you have to give credit to Ethan James as well, it seems his agency stated he’s the boy with the mask licking Stella’s neck, so that would be his 3rd VI cover!!! 😀

  16. John Pearson. For me, the best male model of all time. His career has spanned over three decades and he still looks amazing. He is still working like mad at almost 50! Why is he not featured in the Top MAle Icons??? He is an icon!

  17. Ok, so no models of color on one of these 5 covers. Disappointing, yes. Surprising, no. People stop complaining and start creating. If you are of a particular ethnicity you can’t realistically expect people of another ethnicity to represent you.

    But catch these t’s, why did Meisel, Sozzani, Vogue Italia et al omit stylist Jason Farrer from the list of stylists Meisel has collaborated with in the thank you section of this issue?….SHADE. And, while I’m at it, why haven’t Meisel and Kate Moss worked together in nearly 2 decades, since the beginning of her career…..hmmm

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