Soo Joo Moves

Blonde bombshell Soo Joo, graces the June 2013 cover of Vogue Korea in what has quickly become her signature style. Shot by Hyea Won Kang in bold prints, Soo Joo demonstrates there is no limit to her California sex appeal in her martial arts inspired, first ever Vogue cover. Sophistication comes to life in an accompanying video, revealing Soo Joo transcends print. View the cover and the rest of Martial Arts in the MDC Fashion Database.

Text by Victoria Perillo


soojoo_1 soojoo_2

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  1. Soo Joo is not only an amazing model but an amazing person! I love her honesty in interviews. I’ve never met her but she seems so “real.” She’s a super cool glamorous model but with intelligence and life experience.

  2. I agree with all the comments above, Soo Joo is amazing! and for a girl that only been around for a while sure does know how to move.

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