1. hands down the most beautiful model ever. the first cover is such a lovely nod to Liz Tilberis. stunning

  2. i love what carine did to haper’s bazaar! and i love how she seems to understand the various magazines! just like she understood french vogue, she now clearly gives HB a clear, strong face again! it’s classic! Outstanding! Way more fashionable! Love her cover girl choices! And even though Julia von Boehm has styled this cover and not Carine herself, we all know that the Roitfelds are close friends with von Boehm and Carine clearly knows who else works out the style she’s after! WELL DONE!

  3. eat yourself Vogue! It feels Carine will do to Harpers what Liz Tilberis did. I think its time Glenda Blandy whatever to sail away. Put Carine on the hot sit! Bravo Carine

  4. it can be good as well if peter lindbergh, patrick demarchelier, and fabien baron ship back to harpers. then i will subscribe. boy its so hard to find the old issues of Tilberis era, but defo iam slowly collecting. coz those magazine issues are epic. Wintour pleace go away iam tired of you and your wrinkle free and retouched perfection policy. I wish to see wrinkles i wish to see imperfection like the Vreeland era. We need editor who likes her wrinkles not who looks like teenegaer with bob hair. plus iam angry at you coz you didnt respond back to my ups letters i send to your sulivan street and vogue offices…and i know you will read this comment thats why iam writting wintour.

  5. carine roitfeld is overrated. Clearly, she’s just doing random things here and there and you all just seem to be in awe for whatever reason. Styling? What styling? Christy Turlington used to be a great model, but this cover is very lacking.

  6. It would have been a better/clarifying statement if Christy had called Linda something else besides “a freaking hoot”, which was not what she meant, I daresay. Ms Evangelista acknowledged a few years ago that she and Ms Turlington were not in good terms a.k.a ‘havent seen her in a while’. Is it THAT hard for a supermodel to badmouth another one because of the politics of fashion business?? Helmut Newton would have vilified both had the chances been given to him via social media. Anyway, Christy looks great!

  7. Christy was incredible, unforgettable. But now, what sense has this cover? and whith this dress…

  8. The “Haven’t seen her in a while” statement was made to a reporter in Spain, before the Vanity Fair supermodel reunion shoot a few years back. Just because they haven’t seen each other doesn’t mean they aren’t on good terms. That is just silly. People have lives; they grow apart. Christy had a lot of good things to say about Linda in the Vanity Fair interview, too. A “freaking hoot” basically means that she thinks Linda is “a riot”…or that she thinks Linda is very funny.

    And I must say that Christy looks great. Why else would she be on Calvin Klein’s radar once again. And for underwear, nonetheless! But my favorite is the newstand cover. That smile can melt icebergs!

  9. She doesn’t age. What a great cover, simple and happy. I always like Bazaar over US Vogue. This is gonna make my month. (Rushing to magazine shop now)

  10. @karla: i don’t think carine roitfeld is overrated at all, it all depends on whether you like her work of course! she’s a living style legend, you cannot disagree with that!
    but i agree that the cover might be quite simple or “lacking”, as you would state it, but it fits well! an AMERICAN supermodel, simplicity, strong pose/face, etc. it is SO american if you ask me, just classy. And thats what i meant by saying that carine understands the diffenrent magazines so well! because lets be honest, an edgy styling or her famous “porn chic” might be suitable for european magazines, but its not what the general american public can relate to.

  11. You will not age with bone structure like that! she is blessed. Best US Bazaar cover in ages!

  12. @ Kay – I don’t think Carine had anything to do with this. As far as I know she is responsible only for her stories, 4 a year, and Glenda handles the rest. Both covers are great – almost enough to make you forget the J.Lo debacle

  13. @damnthatlion – as GLOBAL fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar i guess she overlooks them all and although she might not have influenced this cover directly i suppose people are now working by use of her guidelines.
    whatever, i still love it and i think under carines helm such covers won’t be a seldom thing in the future

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