America’s Bombshell

Kate Upton.
Mario Testino.
American Vogue.

A testament to the unstoppable power of Upton! Many have tried, few have managed to snag themselves an only girl Vogue cover. Which goes to show you, in this day and age it takes more than a pretty face and a great showlist. To compete at the top tier a girl has to be part poser, part full-fledged media star appealing to not just the fashion crowd, but all demographics.

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  1. “Supermodel”? – he doesnt do anything high fashion. You mean how she became the most “Commercial” model.

  2. @fashioninsider ahahah at your petite bourgeoisie attitude. since when is the term supermodel linked exclusively to haute couture…or whatever type of fashion you deem worthy of your attention. Fashion is a business, a model’s purpose is to sell clothes and even the designer/artist must make money to eat. No doubt, Ms Upton sells magazines and gets people talking, therefore indeed she is a successful model and worthy of the title, supermodel.

  3. LOVE IT! Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but that does not deserve any hate. Her success at becoming a household name cannot be disputed,the cover is deserved. She is very much a 21st century model,with an appeal across all mediums. She should be on the TOP 50 guys, because if this cover isn’t proof enough, what would be?

  4. I don’t hate her and think she is working her way up but there are better models deserves this. I am thinking of Karlie Kloss should have been on the cover of US Vogue.

  5. They’re other girls working hard on the catwalks in Paris, Milan, NY who deserve this cover, but not her. I guess nowdays everyone can get the title “supermodel”.

  6. Italian Vogue story and cover, Brit Vogue story and cover,CR story and cover, Harper’s story and cover, American Vogue story and cover, Muse story and cover, hmmmm, those are some “high fashion” titles and people she is working with. Me thinks she is earning the ” Supermodel” moniker and a spot on the Top 50.

  7. I personally do not think Karlie Kloss deserves a American Vogue cover because A huge portion of Americas have no idea who she is, they know Kate from SI, her uncle Fred Upon a US Representative and her roles Tower Heist, The Three Stooges and Saturday Night Live. Kate Upon is the perfect choice for a model to put on the cover. Am not saying that I like Karlie couldn’t have a cover but right now she doesn’t even a chance, maybe soon. I also think Kate is great but she isn’t my favorite either, she great looking especially her body! The comment on Joan getting a US VOGUE COVER… we better give that some time

  8. Supermodel? Really?

    The girl has never walked a runway and her biggest ad campaign is for Beach Bunny. She’s a lot of things but a supermodel is not one of them.

  9. I have no problem with her being on the cover yes I would prefer karlie or joan but, these images are a come on they look strait out of something like sports illustrated they could have done something really glamorous and sexy but the again this is American vogue.

  10. Iam so happy and iam sooo buying this magazine!
    Finally this girl is GORGEOUS, HEALTHY, IF YOU COMPARE HER BODY, IT REMINDS ME OF TATJANA PATITZ BACK IN THE DAY. We need girls like Upton. I dont need another Marine D parade the catwalk without a life. We have to learn and see what went wrong. In an industry where supermodels ruled the world,we need that ruiling again. This girl, alone without any super cooperation, goes alone out there in that fishpond full with actresses and manages to swim and finds her place in the big ocean of actors and actresses just as a model.. Kate, hat up, love you continue do what you do best!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxo

  11. working a catlwak in paris milano and new york doesnt make you a suppermodel. put anything on kate upton she will sell! thats why you are called a model! to advertize product. and iam sorry but reality check Karlie Kloss is kinda cool. I love Karlie since day1. But There is shine in Upton and light on her candle. While the others are strugling for the sparks..

  12. Just because she doesnt have Estee Lauder or Vs Contract doesnt mean she should be ignored. Upton deserve right now the n.1 position. Period!

  13. Kate Upton is a name of herself John. And i just saw an ad campaign of Accesoriez in my hometown. And i can tell you they generate perfect saales, i know this sourse friends of mine works for accesoriez. So that why i said Kate Sells!

  14. I’m no Kate Upton fan but I’m so happy for her! Yes, she’s no supermodel but neither is Karlie or Joan. Joan is ranked “number 1” but outside the ‘people who follow models’ world, she’s completely unknown. Karlie is as appealing as a soggy cardboard box outside the fashion world; she only ever looks interesting in magazines and campaigns.

    I admire Kate Upton for embracing her shape and rejecting the ‘heroin addict, sickly little boy’ look being championed by the industry. I hope her cover inspires more models to embrace their own image and develop a personality beyond modelling.

  15. I dont understand the hype. She is so overrated. I want the true supermodels. Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss. Girls who can actually model and pose. Not rely on the “body”. They all have character, can speak and can work a runway.

  16. Stradivarius stop hating on hard working models. The n.1 position is for actual models who have longevity and demand in the fashion world.

  17. Models who have “longevity” and “demand” in the fashion world are only known to the fashion world. A supermodel needs presence in both arenas, and somebody like Karlie Kloss can’t pull that off. She has a weird look and no mass appeal. The person who made her a VS model should be fired.

    Now, Joan Smalls? Easily could be a BIG star, and I would love to see her on US Vogue cover. Unfortunately, models who are not white don’t sell covers – which is a sad reflection on society. And Joan has a very classic and multi-ethnic look that appeals to many people. She could be an exception to the rule.

    Kate Upton has old-fashioned sex appeal and the classic blond hair/blue eyes look that seems to get attention and sell magazines and products. I bet this will be a big draw for US Vogue.

  18. Nice to see a beautiful, healthy looking girl in fashion again.
    Naturally thin or not, most of the girls today are starving. I know, I work with them. And nobody wants to talk about it.

    Good for you Kate! Make healthy appealing and desirable. Be a real woman, and enjoy your beautiful life!

  19. A supermodel is a model who stands out from the sea of identikit 5ft11 17 year olds who walk the runway season after season.
    The fact that Kate has never walked down a runway or been deemed high fashion enough to front a high fashion label is what makes her stand out.
    Fashion is a wonderful democracy where the ones who stand out rise to the top.
    I personally feel this should be embraced and good on her for scoring this cover.
    And good on American Vogue for supporting her.

  20. She’s definitely not my first choice of model for a vogue cover but I’d prefer to see Kate on VS catwalk and ads than Karlie.

  21. To be honest, Kate Upton is beautiful, but very average looking. We are in a time of financial crisis and what we need is a model commoners can relate to: a very average model with a very average body. You talk about CR book and Vogue Italia, but do you even know who put them there? Carine Roitfeld is this very overrated woman who just lives for controversy. She decided to put Kate Upton on the cover, not because Kate Upton is a good model, but because she wanted to generate buzz within the fashion world: “OmG she put teh ugly modelllll”. Same with Vogue Italia. And now she’s on the cover of American Vogue, but why? She is no model, she is a celebrity, and American Vogue puts celebrities on their covers, so why all the controversy?

  22. Obsessed! This is nothing but healthy for our industry. I hope this is the beginning of a more realistic model figure being featured in magazines, campaigns and on runways. Kate looks beautiful and I think her appearance on Vogue sends a fantastic message. The first true Supermodel since Gisele. FINALLY!!!!

  23. So, Kate Upton got the cover of US Vogue, BUT Natasha Poly has NEVER been on the cover of Vogue Italia??? The world is an unfair place…

  24. Good on ya Kate! Its good to see that someone with that undeniable,intangible thing is rising to the top albeit naysayers! I love the strength in her gaze- confrontational yet come hither and completely self assured. The same cant be said for some of the others mentioned as more meaningful and worthy of an American Vogue or any of the international Vogue covers. Why is it so many supposedly embrace representation of what a woman is as long she has more physical similarities with a teenage boy and seemingly dimmed gazed. I loved that she embodies the unapologetic!

  25. I don’t know why she is being pushed onto us like this, there are plenty of models that size with more remarkable faces.

  26. Kate Uptons a celebrity more than a model at this stage. American Vogue puts celebrities on it’s covers. Makes sense she’s on it I suppose. Shes also that really typical American beauty look to her

  27. really she should be doing pageants, hanging with Donald trump and doing whatever beauty queens do. Not vogue covers…

  28. YAWN. She’s making the same face in every shot except the last. There are plenty of models that have achieved model/celebrity status who deserve this more and would have given more life to Vogue US.

  29. I don’t expect much from American Vogue, but Kate Upton is simply not a supermodel. Karlie Kloss deserves the spot more, and I think that is obvious. American Vogue also just cares about putting famous celebrities on their covers. Quantity ($$$) over quality.

  30. @villy, I actually agree with fashionInsider, I don’t think Kate is really a supermodel, as you say a supermodel should be able to represent a whole variety of desgner and styles, and Kate fails in doing so, believe it’s hard for me to imagine kate starring a Givenchy campaign, truth is that Kate has sex appeal, and that’s what got her this cover, she is no longer a model is more like a celebrity, which is why Vogue gave her this cover, to be honest I think that the Supermodel era is over… whit a few exceptions I think there are just Top Models, like Karolina Kurkova, Coco Rocha, Karlie Kloss, Joan Smalls, and few others.

  31. I 100% agree with Sarah! Exactly what I was trying to say.

    @Not on the guest list: Talk that up with Steven Meisel, I’ve never really noticed that she hasn’t had a VI cover but she had a few editorials

  32. Good on ya american vogue! Next up – kim k, or maybe get khloe and you can put the caption ‘the new supermodel’ so you can really prove your point.

  33. kim kardashian doesnt have a clear label yet of what her profession is. Maybe she can also take on the title of supermodel cos as far as i am concerned she and kate have very much in common and not much difference

  34. not a fan of her, but i really love this cover. I just find it odd that a lot of models have worked with vogue us in years and they never got a single cover, such as caroline trentini, and what’s everyone’s buzzing about, karlie kloss. Praying for a model issue. we need it, stat!

  35. Oh i have an idea for anna. Put justin bieber on one of the issues, september maybe, and tag it with “how the new king of pop became the sexiest man alive”.

  36. mariacarla boscono got her first vogue italia cover after 12-13years in the business = started 1998 got it 2011 natasha poly obviously isnt meisels favorite cupcake. i dont mind see ing elise crombez on vogue italia again…remember those epic covers with elise, julia and daria in 2003? that was divine… stop bitching about kate upton, girl made a name outof herself, she is known everywhere. people generate profits of puting her image. do a little research wouldnt hurt. and no doubt givenchy will put her on campaign, girl is worthed! and i wish to see more of Kate Upton. Kalie Kloss, i love her when she started. Now she feels she is Christy Turlington…I like to see the old Karlie the one that wasnt pretending…

  37. I think the haters here should look for something else to do. Kate Upton is here to stay. When her first things started to come out and published it . A lot of people here said , oh no , she can never be a supermodel because she doesn’t and will never have a vogue cover , guess what , she has several now. You people should educate yourself that being a supermodel is not walking the runways during fashion week. You actually do those shows so you can get in the magazine covers and get the advertising. Kate didn’t have to do it – she is just amazing ! a true star and got noticed by everyone and is now a supermodel . She is a money machine and sells everything she endorses. While you guys here , the minority to be exact , are bitching about it , she is laughing all the way to the bank. Go Kate ! You deserve it !!!

  38. I love Kate Upton. She is truly the modern supermodel. Defying all odds and proving everyone wrong. Going where no model has been able to go in the past several decades.

    Kate is the type of girl who can reach out to all demographics in some way. Her young female fans see someone with an “in between” body with traits seen as both perfect and “imperfect” by society. Women love her because she isn’t ashamed of her perceived “flaws.” Older women love her because she is a throwback to the beauty from half a century ago. Young boys love her because…well you know. Men love her because she she seems like a fun, happy girl. Older men love her because again, she’s a throwback to the beauty from half a century ago.

    The reason why your favorite model, who isn’t Kate Upton, hasn’t gotten a US Vogue cover is because she doesn’t have the broad appeal Kate has as described above no matter how much you bend your ideas.

  39. lmao, no. the only reason why she is on the cover of american vogue is due to her celebrity status, not model status. So no, she is not a model, but a celebrity. Why do you fail to see that, and why do you keep defending her as if your life depended on it? Yeah, she’s got the cover, so what?

  40. If they’re going for commercial model why hasnt Bar Refaeli or Irina Shayk had this success? They are FAR more stunning with in shape beautiful bodies. Just dont get it. I guess Ivan Bart is really the best agent around…

  41. What is all this KArli vs Kate? We have seen SO much Karlie! I find this cover refreshing and something I have not seen before on a fashion mag, a traditional beauty. I think Kate’s sweet look along with her real figure is unique in the sense that this type of traditional beauty is not seen in fashion much. Beautiful summer feel cover :).

  42. Karla , you need to get over it –
    she might become a celebrity but she is still a model .. an way beyond your comprehension. You shouldn’t be bitter about it. You are entitled to your opinion but the majority is proving you wrong.

  43. cmon people this is June edition so its all about Summer time, so she deserve to be on cover, its all about sunny and swimsuit day even on Vogue US. Please don’t controversy about it, why we must overthinking about it when a lot of important things outside we need to think.

  44. @lance: The majority? What majority? You mean the commoners? Did I miss something? Since when is fashion defined by common societal standards? I mean, I see fat people in the US all the time, maybe it’s time for the fashion industry to look left and right and find inspiration in ratchet-ass ghetto people or the californian blonde? Please no. Fashion is about pushing the enveloppe to the extreme and create the unattainable dream. Yes some things need to sell. Magazines need to sell and we’re in a financial shithole so yes, even the dream has been corrupted. This is why Kate Upton got the cover, because she sells. But then again, this is American Vogue, so no surprise there.

  45. karla-the supers in the 80s and 90s were models AND celebrities but they made money through modeling and endorsements because that was their job. modeling doesn’t have to be anonymous or silent.
    kate upton was still doing e-commerce work, catalog work, mass advertising jobs and editorial work when she became a breakout star. modeling is how she makes money as that’s her job. but she has celebrity status. being a celebrity is not a job, it’s a status. just like there are dermatologists who have celebrity status and derms who don’t have celeb status (dr. perricone versus just another derm in michigan). there are actors who nobody knows about because they don’t have celebrity status and then there’s leonardo dicaprio.

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