A Matter of Taste

Is Terry Richardson‘s all out sapphic friends with benefits fest in the latest Purple Magazine sexy or trashy? We know that Terry’s work has been known to straddle that line but what are your thoughts on the Freja Beha Erichsen, Eniko Mihalik, Abbey Lee Kershaw & Magdalena Frackowiak edit and its clothing optional policy? Maybe it is just me but I think the pictures with clothes work a lot better than those without – what says you?






  1. I love most of the pics however some are borderline porn, for sure its what Terry and Purple intendead to do. With this edit and the edit of Dree (shot by Inez & Matadin) where you can see her entire vaginal area its becoming more and more clear that fashion is going in a different more sexually explicit and free direction

  2. I think this has a dubious taste, actually. Not my type of work, and besides that, don’t like the fact that all the models look the same…

  3. I have to agree ,the nudity is unecessary in this editorial the pics withs clothes works better than the naked ones…the first one is amazing,the hair,the girls and the black clothes worked together

  4. I think this is INCREDIBLE. Its so sexy, so Terry/Olivier.

    I find it so silly how people, in this day, still get so hung up on nudity and sexuality as art.

    I think Freja is just unbelievable.

    I am glad models.com posted this story

    jason kanner

  5. I think this editorial as a whole provides a good mixture and balance of both images with and without clothes. it keeps it interesting by doing so. plus, the shots with terry (not included here) are just plain fun. a great editorial I think.

  6. This is pure Trash done in High Glamour Taste.

    Luv it!!!

    Eniko and Abbey and Magdalena are all Terry muse….

    Freja is becoming the most versatile model in the industry…she can do it all, the farm girl for Chanel, the Tomboy at Gap and this!!!!

    can we have the next Freja “Obssession”???

  7. does no one remember newton? why has fashion become so prudish? i think the editorial is gorgeous. there’s nothing trashy about nudity. it can be a very beautiful thing when done well. helmut newton is an icon for a reason people.

  8. why are they taking fashion (i.e. clothes) out of fashion magazines?

    the pic where freja is milking eniko is disgracing the clothes, non?

  9. Terry is cheap, and please don’t make any similarities with Newton… Helmut Newton was Helmut Newton and Terry is just cheap like american apparel, he’s got nothing original about himself and he’s trashy, purple just do this to sell more magazines, and Terry just like to shoot naked women and he get paid for it, don’t call it fashion

  10. kinda boring again, same girls, they are all beautiful for sure but same idea, same girls same same same same.

  11. yes the girls look fab, absolutly glam, but all that pussy and nakedness ? the whole issue is like that just boringly naked…. and then the helmut newton by karl is a disgrace, helmut is turning in his grave

  12. You people say it’s fashion because they’re wearing designer clothes (or shoes), but it’s all about sex which makes it pornography.

    Poor girls, their kids are going to see this…

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