The Warriors

Vogue Hommes Japan‘s new issue is out and it’s a bonanza of arresting images by Steven Klein. Titled “Bondage Warriors” and styled by Nicola Formichetti, the story, with the stark images of powerful built men as “slaves” (to fashion?), is also striking in its utter anonymity for the models. They, by the way, have some of the best physiques in the industry: Travis Hanson, Oraine Barrett, Jason Morgan, Doug Porter, Colby Jamar, Anthony Gallo, Stephen Novak and new cover star Ryan Koning who opened the star packed Roberto Cavalli show this past July. Which is your favorite image and can you spot who is who? Discuss.






Ph: Steven Klein, styled by Nicola Formichetti. For more pics go to Nicola Formichetti’s blog.

  1. I love it as a girl, hummmmmm yummmie,
    but let face it this is not for real macho men, it’s for girls and homosexuals,

    tank you for posting it because I can’t buy it as a fashion magazine.

  2. Klein has been upping his game in his recent editorials, and with Nicola on the team, magic! I love the images, and I really wish I could get my hands on a copy of VHJ!!!

  3. come on now, this is getting too much – we love yaoi….
    its a fashion magazine, lets see some fashion not half-naked men all the time!!!

  4. Nicola is getting boring. Yes, the photography is amazing and the models look great, but boys in leather with masks and baubles has been done over and over and over by him in the last year. This magazine does not represent the coolness of Japanese mens’ fashion.

  5. This sells in Japan, men’s fashion is viewed upon quite differently. These boys are such a rare oddity there that the naked boy concept is what attracts readers. Plus there is always great fashion featured, just more of a rick owens look… constantly!!!

  6. I like it how men are being subjected this way. for a long time women were. people here are saying “again”. really. how is it again. if you look at all the editorials that are printed, this kind of look, treatment, and subject consists of maybe 1%. I hope they keep it going.

  7. This look is done done done! Nicola and Steven have each done it to death + their various imitators right behind them. NEXT!

    A M A I Z I N G cant say eny thing

  9. duno why ive never been a fan of the mens side of fashion.. if it werent able to cross over into the grounds of androgyny would it really be that capitvating? and how do you feel neo eroticism plays its part in fashion as art vs. art as art? i guess ive seen a few editorials of a more graphic nature that ive liked in the past.. but im always caught… Read More at a cross roads when trying to discern it as fashion or as erotic art, since the main focus is shifted from the angle of fashion to its erotic aesthetics..

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