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John Galliano and Eva Green by Ellen von Unwerth

Who better to teach young designers about the ups and downs of the business than a true fashion veteran, former Dior creative director John Galliano is set to teach a Master Class at Parsons . The series, cheekily entitled ‘Show Me Emotion’ “seeks to engage its participants by provoking the power of emotion in context of fashion practice and exploration of intuitive, perceptive manners of investigational making.” Sounds like a fascinating opportunity for the students lucky enough to gain entrance. / LUCKY


Cara Delevingne in Quentin Jones (Cadence New York)’s short film for Punk Stories

In the weeks leading up to the Met Gala Vogue and punk are becoming increasingly interwined. Case in point, the magazine’s newly launched ‘Punk Stories’ film series. Enlisting a new female director each week to create a cutting-edge fashion film centered on the theme of punk the films provide a sophisticated and luxurious take on the DIY down and dirty ethos of punk. Already they’ve had Cara Delevingne rocking out in a kinetic film by Quentin Jones (Cadence New York) that capitalizes on Cara’s larger than life personality and the rock n’roll spirit of punk’s evolution. The week prior Dree Hemingway mixed punk with New Wave glam in Mary Nighy’s soulful short.


Bisutti with fellow contest winner, Jamie Lee backstage at the 2009 VS show – image by Betty Sze

Victoria’s Secret lashes back at former contest winner, Kylie Bisutti whose interviews regarding her forthcoming book have sent shockwaves through the blog-o-sphere. In an official statement the mega-brand denied Ms. Bisutti had ever been in the running for Angel status and said the following:

“Ms. Bisutti has made numerous fabrications and misstatements of fact regarding her brief association with Victoria’s Secret. In 2009, Ms. Bisutti won an online amateur modeling competition and hasn’t worked for us since that year. The prize for the winning contestant was the unique opportunity to a one-time walk in the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Ms. Bisutti also participated in a swim photo shoot in 2009. That was the extent of Ms. Bisutti’s involvement with Victoria’s Secret. She was never a Victoria’s Secret “Angel” as defined by the terms of our Angel model contract. And contrary to Ms. Bisutti’s claims, she was never offered any subsequent modeling contracts or opportunities with Victoria’s Secret despite her multiple appeals for further work. She has repeatedly fabricated her work experience with Victoria’s Secret – including a relationship that simply did not exist.


Reed Krakoff by Robbie Fimmano

In other designer news, Reed Krakoff Exits Coach after 16 years. Krakoff will step down from his position as president and executive creative director in 2014, to focus exclusively on his eponymous luxury line. Krakoff’s utilitarian designs and style savvy helped bring Coach into the present and revitalized the brand’s aesthetic. Coach is looking for a replacement to take the reigns once Krakoff leaves, but a name has yet to be announced.  / WWD


Models backstage at Vera Wang’s bridal show, go backstage on Vera Unveiled.

Think fashion week is only twice a year? Think again – we’re in the midst of Bridal Week 2014, with big name labels like Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta and Marchesa showcasing their vision for brides, partygoers and anyone else inclined to wear a gown. Unexpected trends seen so far? Stark black and sleek leather gloves at Vera and hints of pastel peeking up at Oscar. / WWD


A glimpse at Elbaz’s Lancome line and his drawings on the iconic Lancome packaging

Beauty collaborations are booming, the latest (and possibly the chicest) is Alber Elbaz x Lancome, a beautiful and lighthearted take on designer cosmetics. Preview Alber Elbaz’s Lancome Collection and find out why he thinks happiness is the essence of true luxury. / STYLE


Alexander Skarsgard by Steven Klein for the latest Calvin Klein fragrance ads

Who would consumers rather see staring back at you from a perfume ad – Garrett Neff or Garrett Hedlund? The answer may surprise you – seems Hollywood actors are the latest to delve into the perfume game and Actors Are Replacing Male Models in the latest fragrance campaigns.  / NY TIMES

  1. Although I usually prefer models over actors & actresses in campaigns, the male models of today are so bland. Male models are now as slender as female models and they also appear tired/awkward looking which you can’t Photoshop away. Advertisements sell lifestyles, I don’t think many male models can fulfil the role.

    Wow! I’d love to attend, Galliano is simply the best!

  2. Actors taking model jobs is so terrible.
    Garrett Hedlund simply isn’t goodlooking enough for me to see everywhere. Plus I think the anonymity of a model (to the general public) in a major campaign works better. Models in campaigns are part of this perfect fantasy. This ideal that consumers wish to tap into. Actors are in the public eye, we know them, they don’t capture the brands fantasy because they all belong to Hollywood celebrity fantasy. Which really isn’t so much of a fantasy anymore thanks to E news, TMZ and People magazine etc. Old Hollywood was a fantasy, Audrey Hepbur, Marilyn Monroe. Not Garrett Hedlund…

  3. Excited for Galliano! Slightly tired of Quentin Jones already, her films don’t vary from each other that much really.

  4. I hate the fact actors are now replacing models,even though they are in the public’s eye.I understand its about money $$$,but its unfair for a male model to work so hard overtime to just get paid chump change.Agencies demand a certain physique that is slim yet muscular,an angular face,piercing eyes ,perfect teeth etc,a fine line in my opinion ;when the designers make the clothes so ridiculously small…where do you draw the line? Males models can have more personality and a more manly physique as agencies and designers encourage them to. I was a model,now an agent,so yes this pisses me off…

  5. Когда в рекламе принимают участие известные актрисы и актеры,а не модели,я не верю такой рекламе.Фальш в такой рекламе видна невооруженным глазом.Такая реклама не производит на меня никакого впечатления.

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