First Look : Interview Germany

Interview Germany‘s latest issue is a bold mix of chic stories from top tier talent. With newly appointed, International Fashion Director, Julia von Boehm joining fashion director, Klaus Stockhausen for the first time the May issue represents something of a turning point for the publication. From the start you know you’re in for something different; two covers grab your attention, one featuring iconic German actress, Katja Riemann and the other starring top model Cara Delevingne as a doe-eyed vamp. Inside the magazine is dominated by imagery with attitude – the content that runs the gamut from sexy – Ben Hassett‘s avant-garde beauty story starring Marie Piovesan is sure to quicken your pulse, to simply captivating, Sebastian Faena shoots Magda Laguinge like we’ve never seen her before.  Casting by Samuel Ellis Scheinman.

Don’t take our word for it – get a first look inside the brand new issue of Interview Germany.


Ph. Peter Lindbergh | Model – Cara Delevingne



Ph. Ben Hassett | Model – Marie Piovesan | Hair – Akki Shirakawa | Makeup – Yadim




Ph. Sebastian Faena | Styling – Julia von Boehm | Model – Magda Laguinge | Hair – Shay Ashual | Makeup – Jeanine Lobell



Ph. Charlotte Wales | Styling – Clare Byrne | Models – Dauphine Mckee and Muriel Beal | Hair – Wesley O’Meara | Makeup – Justine Purdue




Ph. Olaf Wipperfürth | Styling – Klaus Stockhausen | Star – Katja Riemann |

  1. Cara,Cara… I just don’t the obsession that the industry has with the girl, she obviously gorgeous and seems like a girl with a great personality but it’s totally unfair for this girl to get this much attention she’s one of those socialite models who get every opportunity… Other than my rant. I loved the Splash editorial.

  2. Totally agree with Marty, Cara is a bit overrated for my liking, she’s a great girl.. but thats just my opinion.

    I love the “Splash” spread, though the ‘sportsy’ theme has been done aloooot.

  3. As a Londoner, it’s sad to see the only models the UK can now produce are socialites. There are so many amazing girls going undiscovered. How did we go from Naomi & Kate to Cara & Edie?!

    On a positive note, I LOVE the Splash story! The Americana one looks good too.

  4. cara is gorgeous but why are they trying to present her as the new kate? just cause they’re both british and short? :ss

  5. Love me some Cara – girl is wild and a great model.
    She has a personality all her own which the industry finds rather infectious and amusing. She seems to evoke the brighter side of those whom choose to work with her. Understandable – it’s only human.

    Any who, loving the covers and editorials featured in the issue!
    Congrats to Julia – she has quite the eye which should serve Interview well. Looking forward to it.

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