Is there a more buzzed about girl on the block than Edie Campbell? Fresh off the heels of a very mod-British Vogue cover by David Sims, the Penelope Tree-esque beauty is front and center on Vogue Italia in a dramatic Steven Meisel shot that takes her into edgy territory. April belongs to the versatile Ms. Campbell, but which side of the Brit beauty do you prefer – punk or pretty?




See the full story on Vogue.It | Steven Meisel (Photographer) Karl Templer (Fashion Editor/Stylist) Guido Palau (Hair Stylist) Pat McGrath (Makeup Artist) Jin Soon Choi (Manicurist)



Go inside the April issue of Brit Vogue on Vogue.co.uk | David Sims (Photographer) Joe McKenna (Fashion Editor/Stylist) Paul Hanlon (Hair Stylist) Diane Kendal (Makeup Artist) Anatole Rainey (Manicurist)



  1. Neither… honestly she does nothing for me. It’s not like I don’t wouldn’t buy a magazine or clothes because of her… I don’t hate her or like her, she’s just so whatever and boring to me. I don’t get her model-factor at all.

  2. Steven Meisel’s version of course. Much much much better than British Vogue. There is not comparison.

  3. To answer question….absolutely, her name is Vanessa.

    But back to Edie, she looks great with long blonde hair but neither of these short do’s are working for me though.

  4. I like this cover. But I am not the biggest fan of her (her runway presence…or lack thereof bothers me). But maybe that’s a good thing; to be so discussed by the masses about whether or not we like her.

  5. Where did my comment go? Why was it deleted?!


    I love the Vogue Italia cover BUT Edie as a model, I don’t understand the hype! Even with the edgy hair, she’s rather bland. She comes across as really smart in interviews though, which is refreshing.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the VI cover but other than that the only thing she stands out for to me is her lack of presence and emotion.

  7. The VI cover has a late 90s feel from the Erin O’Connor/Maggie Rizer era. I don’t get the hype around her though. Seems a relationship with getting Vogue Italia cover and UK vogue cover appearance like with Kate Upton and Karlie Kloss.

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