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Karl Templer showcases a modern take on sensuality in Craig McDean‘s latest story for Interview. Featuring the radiant Sasha Pivovarova as a digital age pin up, the vibrant editorial creates an eclectic and artistic version of the typical lingerie shoot. Wearing bustiers and bras from McQueen and Balenciaga paired with pencil skirts and gauzy veils, Sasha is the ideal embodiment of the new glamour.

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  1. So Sasha……the girl who came from maternity leave and booked Prada x2 is not an icon but Jamie is……..seriously!!! I know things just can’t update overnight but some wrongs are just so apparent someone should just take a little time out of their day and right them immediately.

    In any event, she looks gorgeous. Motherhood suits her well because she’s never looked so fresh and radiant.

  2. I really don’t get how Agyness made it to the Icons list earlier than Sasha to if she hasn’t walked a single show since ever and hasn’t gotten any major campaigns since ages ago… just some decent editorial work and that’s it, she’s not exactly a girl who’s currently working in modelling, I mean, the girl barely gets exposure. Now, on the other hand, it’s just so confusing how an icon like Sasha Pivovarova is not there yet, a name that’s basically a synonim of Prada for the most recent decade, a girl with a huge and selective body of work who only made a little break for her baby, but’s now back in track making a amazing comeback with 2 Prada campaigns, opening PS F/W 13 show, and now this gorgeous Interview ed which only confirms the iconic and rare elegance of her face and body… that’s why seeing someone like Agyness on that list, and not Sasha, just feels so bizarre to me.

  3. Finally! The good Lord smiled and the lady returned..and seemingly more intent than before.

    Looking forward to another Sasha extravaganza.

  4. Why isn’t that stunning face ranked as an “Industry Icon”?? She’s more memorable than half of the girls on that list!, please do something about it! She deserve to ba ranked!

  5. Sasha really is an exquisite beauty, impossible to replace. Now if only Gemma would finally come back too, that would be perfect:)

  6. Sasha is amazzzzing!!!! i love her so much.. but she not iconic, what is iconic to you guys other than hard working and booking major things? do you guys even know what iconic means? @ Pix Agyness deyn now thats an icon! she may not booked as much major things like sasha, natasha, caroline, but she the most iconic of the three i just mentioned since she caused a fashion revolution, she was a trend setter, believe it or not, is highly recognizable even by the non-fashion insiders, and her character is distinguishable for the years to come. i actually feel that natasha, caroline, and some of the industry “icons” a43 actually not really icons even in the industry. I mean other than hard working and longevity give me a reason why, for example, caroline trentini or sasha is iconic?????? please tell me?? other than being vogue girls and booking campaigns?

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