Flora & Fauna

Pop is the gift that keeps on giving! Constance Jablonski looks resplendent the latest issue as she poses in a lush garden of delights. Sean and Seng shoot the French bombshell looking daringly sexy in string of barely there outfits. With her dramatic cheekbones and assured sensuality, Constance calls to mind her fellow Paciotti campaign mate Eniko Mihalik but she brings something all her own to this sexy story – the juxtaposition of exotic flowers in bloom and Constance’s unique beauty make for a lovely visual.





  1. Ehh.. to be honest, I don’t really like this. I love Constance, but these photos don’t do her any justice, really. Not bad, but.. eh.

  2. Nice place, but I don’t see the link between those sexy outfit and this romantic place.

    I don’t like no one of those pictures, she’s very pale for my taste

  3. seriously guys?! she looks incredible! and it was shot in London! have you been to London? there’s not places that look like that! sean and seng definitely a talent. amazing shoot. x

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