Isabeli Fontana on the latest Brazil Vogue cover, shot by JR Duran.

Brazil is famous for its beaches, beautiful people and their joie de vivre. What’s not as well known outside the fashion industry is how supportive the Brazilian supermodels are of their country. They show up for Sao Paulo Fashion Week and champion Brazilian photographers, designers, magazines and charities throughout the year. Another reason to love these sun kissed stunners.

Photo: JR Duran for Brazilian Vogue, June 08, photo via tFS, scanned by leonardo, GUGA/MODA. Isabeli (Women NY/Milan/Paris, Mega, Traffic, Louisa, 2pm)

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  1. This is quite a stunning cover…love the colors. Isabeli Fontana is captivating here. And thanks for posting a good-sized cover which is much easier to analyze than the tiny, blurry photos that many try to make a thesis out of.

    The Brazilian fashion industry is amazing and their model factory is always churning out the fiercest girls. Moreover, I’d love to see more of its darker-skinned models gain more prominence. After all, this is very mixed country, ethnically-speaking.

    I love Brazil’s infatuation with fashion (it’s intoxicating!) and I hope one day some of its designers gain as equal prominence as its more successful European counterparts. With exception to Brazil’s model presence, I really believe Latin America is underrepresented in so many areas of the industry. And yet, if you visit the magazine racks in some of these countries (Brazil, Argentina, even the larger cities in Mexico), you’ll find an astounding number of fashion magazines for sale.

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