First Look : Oyster

Oyster Magazine has never lost its sense of humor and its latest issue salutes unity with a lighthearted cover and fresh editorial content. Dubbed the Peace Issue, Oyster’s latest focuses on peace in all its incarnations, from activists using art to get their message across, to “musings on peace from some of the world’s best musicians.” On the cover Magda Laguinge provides some much needed cheer in a quirky shot by Cara Stricker styled by Sasha Kelly – take a look at the cover and the accompanying fashion story right here.








Images courtesy of Oyster – The Peace Issue on stands today, for more info be sure to check out

  1. I would say YES to this story, if it wasn’t so JUERGEN TELLER ( do u remember Maria Carla for PUCCI?)

  2. oh yeahh mariacarla for pucci truee you have a point
    but i just dont get this stupid posing. imean cara is cara and she is mother to this faces…what magda wants to say in here?whats the wow factor? i miss gemma ward guys i miss that great timeee its been a year since i bought magazine and why would i give me one good reason?

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