1. FINALLY !!! A good hot and fashionable cover once again, they took their time after so many dull issues and covers, I may really purchase this one. I just discovered this Aussie model, he seems fantastic, perhaps old looking but great looks/body/presence and face. I liked his Givenchy stint and this cover is dynamite. Strong male models should all have this power when they pose, this confidence, great pose

  2. I have a friend on Facebook. He makes this guy look ugly! My friend’s name is Grigoris Drakasis. Take a look for yourself on Facebook! And he is an artist in his own right! He improvises his poses! He is the most gorgeous human being I have ever seen in my entire life! And the camera more than loves him! For those of you who read this, please let me know your thoughts! Thanks!

  3. I just looked up Grigoris Drakasis and he looks like a bad version of Fabio from the 80’s… if you can get worse than that…

    Jarrod is HOT HOT HOT

  4. im cracking up, just looked up “Grigoris Drakasis”… J can’t be serious, comparing him to Jarrod LMFAO! Jarrod you ROCK

  5. Sorry…I just don’t see anything attractive about the guy on this cover. I know there’s others who love him, but his look doesn’t appeal to me personally. Personal taste, I guess. I looked up Grigoris Drakakis though, and whoever said he’s a ‘bad version of Fabio’? Why? Because he has long hair? I LOVE it!! You don’t see many male models these days with beautiful hair. I’ll take Grigoris over this guy any day…

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