Campaign Candy

Appealing new ads from fashion’s young, innovative designers.


The S/S ads from Proenza are all about a dreamy mood and David Sims‘ imagery featuring the cooler than thou duo of Julia Nobis and Irina Nikolaeva creates a strong, yet ethereal vibe that goes well with the brand’s eclectic Tumblr influenced collection. The mismash of visual styles and inspirations found on the social media site are mirrored in Sims’ colorful, collage approach to the campaign.


Even before Olivier Theyskens took the helm at Theory the brand was about the kind of effortlessly beautiful clothes that girls want to wear. Now that Theyskens is heading things, the famed designer has added an appealingly cool vibe to the collections and the line’s seasonal imagery. Girl of the moment, Wylie Hays is front and center in Willy Vanderperre (Paris: Management + Artists, New York: Management + Artists)’s stark shots as is a highly covetable new Theory handbag.


Phillip Lim hits the streets with a stylish campaign that shows you just how much his designs stand out. Katryn Kruger and Franzi Mueller strut down crowded NYC sidewalks in head to toe Lim working those chic Spring patterns and bringing the punky 3.1 look to life in Alessio Bolzoni‘s ad images.


Balmain keeps it simple with a beautiful David Sims campaign featuring Manon Leloup. When you have a beautiful girl and the intricately decadent designs of Olivier Rousteing, you don’t need much more to entice your audience.

  1. All great ad, they each grad your attention which is the main purpose for adverstiment. Overall I would have to say that 3.1 Philip Lim looks great I think it’s his first ad and it shows the attiude of his collection. I also like THEYSKENS THEORY i just wish they would have shot it at the water instead of in a hallway but i guess it’s a whole idea.

  2. The girl in Balmain campaign is so similar with Michele Alves that I think in the first time that I see the photos, that was Miss Michele hahaha

    Big Campaign!

  3. Proenza Shoulder has great campaigns but this one is just too hypster and tumblr overloaded.
    Great for Julia anyway.

  4. Loving Balmain – perfect composition of hard meets soft.
    Very successful in giving such willful garments a sense of wearability.

    Also love Theyskens.

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