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Joining Sasha Pivovarova and Ash Stymest, in multi cover mania are the perfect pairings of Jamie Bochert and Christian Brylle on Vogue Italia cover 2 and Anna Jagodzinska, Will Lewis and Max Rogers on cover 3. VI covers always inspire passionate diatribes from fashion followers and September’s Unexpected trio is no different. Here are some of our favorites from the Fashion Spot fans:

radolgc: So happy to see male models on the cover…it all looks like homeless people having fun with makeup and stealing couture clothes from some shop in the middle of the night and having fun with it! Love the mood, love everything about it…the fact there are multiple covers makes it much more exciting!

youarearockstar: For the record, I think Jamie looks absolutely sensational on that cover and pairing her with Christian Brylle was genius. They’re two witches-cum-chimney sweeps.

vavavinny: …This is all very Oliver Twist / demented Alice in Wonderland to me…Despite my pure and utter hatred for the whole concept, though, I must say that Anna J. steals the show. She still manages to look fierce and sexy, even with that disaster-of-a-hat on her head and the two satyr-looking things standing behind her.

wednesday’s child: No offence to anyone but i just can’t understand how people don’t like this.. it’s perfect in every totally captures the zeitgeist, the casting, styling is perfect!! the dirt, the ruffianishness, to me its like a post apocalyptic vision, where consumer society has been replaced by something harder and more real, where people make do with what is around them to keep warm, but still create outfits that look beautiful with their creativity!… the staff Ash is carrying is like a traveler, a refugee, so global, so now, I can’t wait to get it! can someone explain why they don’t like it!!!!

nijuyanha: The boar in Jamie’s hand scares me (actually gives the impression she’s breastfeeding it) but overall I think that one is probably the best out of all the covers.

And there you go. What’s your take on the 3 covers?


Jamie Bouchert and Christian Brylle


Max Rogers, Anna Jagodzinska, Will Lewis


Sasha and Ash (All images from Blacklab at the Fashion Spot)

  1. for me…this s not VOGUE ITALIA at all..there s not glam there s no pein…passion..anthing but commerical

  2. I love Jamie Bochert. She is just so interesting looking. Will Lewis does not look like a model to me, he looks more like a homeless person in everything he does.

  3. I dont get this whole multi cover fad thats been going on! For me its a proof that the fashion industry lacks the self confidence needed to stay on top. What are they trying to do with those 3 covers? is VI trying to promote new models out of nothing? Because if it was 3 covers with 3 very well stablished female models – im not saying Sasha – it would be ok, we could think of it as a celebration of their famous faces and work. But what´s the point of making 3 covers with almost unknown models – except Sasha – while they could have done 1 instead? They are not V Magazine or POP. V Magazine and POP seem to be desperate to get the attention of the fashion crowd/ordinary buyers with that multi-cover-thing, and im sure that the folks at VI are not desperate enough to follow their example! And the models´s necks…omg what is that? I hope they can afford to pay pilates someday!
    Besides….i dont think this John Galliano freak show aesthetic works for VI! I was REALLY expecting more for the september issue. I dont get also why needs to post comments taken from thefashionspot as an endorsement! You guys have enough populatiry to let the discussion take its own direction right here on your website!

  4. The model rankings has been updated yesterday, but I did the effort to check and could not find any single move.

    In my opinion Anna Jagodzinska should take the place of Lily Donaldson or even more.
    Vogue cover after Vogue cover, just like that, ads, ads, ads and a neverending list of campaigns for the best designers. What can you have more?

    I am dissapointed.

  5. I love Meisel and I love Vogue Italia. Seriously, what other Vogue in the world would dare to do this sort of thing on its cover(s)? Such great individual models, too. Love Anna J, not a fan of Sasha.

  6. ah italia vogue…c’est beau!!!!! i seriously think this is awesome reminds me when goldberg shot peteijean as posideon…kinda….i love it when people change it up.

  7. I agree with KMV Meisel + Vogue Italia are the best one ,they dare to do something different,unexpected Anna J is one of the best models today and her cover is amazing ,love her face and put male models on the cover was beyond perfect
    all the magazines shoud do that at least once a year haha

  8. I like Jamie and Christian’s the best.

    Is it just me or do most of their heads look detached from their bodies???

  9. max rodgers is dope, im not really feeling how he looks on the cover but in the same sense- its the cover!! thank you for the male model ID’s you cant recognize any of them through the make up & wild wardrobe.

  10. Not a fan of Anna J at all …she is so boring !!! super commercial and has the same face in all the pictures.
    – Love Jamie and Sasha’s cover …

  11. Thank god there were two other covers – I was seriously worried at the thought of actually having to buy the Sasha/Ash mess. Usually I love Sasha and find Jamie quite overrated, but in this case Jamie’s cover is amazing.

    Anna J I’m indifferent to, here and always. She’s a beautiful girl and a talented model, but she just doesn’t have the personality or uniqueness to make me love or hate her.

    As I said, I do like Jamie’s cover, but as a whole the idea seems a little defunct to me. It’s all a little rough for Meisel – I understand that’s a point, but it hardly makes any statement on the recession. It’s very OBVIOUS. The topical editorials he used to shoot, State of Emergency etc, were much more subtle and shocking. The recession has been done to death by the fashion crowd – and using it as inspiration isn’t as original and groundbreaking as they might think.

    Sorry for the rant 🙂

  12. I like Jamie’s and Sasha’s. look interesting.
    but my darling Anna in this case looks just un-interesting weird imo.

  13. There’s something off about Sasha’s cover – both models look weirdly neckless. The other two are really nice – my darling Anna looks great, so does Jamie.

    Definitely not the best covers, but I really like them (the colours <3). I think they will grow on me

  14. It’s nice to see VI having fun with the September cover(s)… good for them. Everyone nailed it except for Christian. Judging by his soul-penetrating stare, I don’t think he got the “whimsy and comicality” of the shoot.

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