1. I’m not going to BS- I actually raised an eyebrow watching the video because the dominatrix thing is really hard to pull off without making it look a Tiny Twatland editorial.

    But I really enjoy the photos chosen in this editorial and the risk was obviously worth it at the end.

    I am all about the risk but sometimes over the top risky can occasionally be a bad thing for a model. Kudos to the whole team, really, it’s not easy to make this look the way they made it look.

  2. I am surprised that I actually like the images, considering that the lesbian thing has been so overdone lately.Somehow Paola managed to make it interesting for me.

  3. the 3rd image would look better if the girl on the bottom wore the hose with heart ‘coverage’ anya wore in german vogue i think

  4. These images are beautiful, and Hanne and Suvi look incredible… just seems a little bit inaccessible to feature jewelry.

  5. Are these girls boys? they are skinny and do not even have curves, which is really odd. Dominatrixes must be curvy and va va voom. Sort of a disaster ed!

  6. Skinny girls. They are not sexy at all.
    Who really thinks that models look good?

    There is nothing new here. Internet is full of this kind of stuff.

  7. What a heck was so sexy about those photos? Are they meant to interest women, men or she-males? Don’t get it. For example, the curves are next to minimal. The photos seem to illustrate something like minor girls or boys playing some pornographic Aldous Huxley’s Brave new world-scene. Not interesting, not tempting, not charming…

  8. Second picture shows how human being can be a being of lizards, snakes or fishes. Look at jawbones (chops)!!!

  9. What is desturbing is that these men portraying female models are actually fooling people into believing that they are in fact real women. But no REAL WOMEN look like that! And it is very disgusting and most humiliating to knoow that I live in a world where there are so many naive,pathetic,and foolish people. {THE STARS ARE WINKING AT THE TREES. THE WORLD IS FULL OF TROUBLE AND DISEASE. THE MOON IS CRYING OUT IT’S HEART. AND I AM STILL LEFT HERE IN THE DARK….}

  10. There are plenty of women who are NATURALLY skinny like Suvi and Hanne – and myself. Somehow fat people do think that they have the right to criticize us as they will. The photos are beautiful, even though a bit too kinky for my taste.

  11. There’s nothig wrong with being skinny, but maybe the pictures could be more “arty”. This looks a bit like two girls stripping in a gym and someone taking snapshots with a phonecamera.

  12. Who in the hell got the idea that models are sexy?

    Too tall, too skinny… They can be beautiful but not sexy. No ass, no tits. Sorry. The awesome model face is also often not so good looking for a guy.

    Perhaps a gay photographer might like this. I like the photos but they’re not sexy in any way. sorry.

  13. All you jerks calling those girls ugly and not sexy at all because they have no curves, and saying that they’re bad role models. Seriously, it’s not that simple. I’m a tall, skinny girl, and I have always been teased for my boyish looks. I always felt bad looking at pictures of porn stars etc, thinking I could never be sexy. Model beauty for me is a graceful and ethereal, alternative (And imo better) beauty standard to huge breast implants etc. So shut up. Pics like these make many skinny and boobless young girls feel better about their bodies.

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