Most Unexpected

Summer is over. The always highly anticipated September Vogue Italia cover appears early with Sasha Pivovarova and Ash Stymest and catapults us into fall. Steven Meisel vibrantly captures the duo as contemporary urchins and delivers a frisson of energy and urgency to the season. Mark that 5 VI covers for Sasha and her hypnotic presence and Ash’s 1st for VI and 8th cover overall in just over a year.


Image courtesy of Blacklab at tFS

  1. Wow, Sasha and Ash, two of my favourite models together on a cover!

    Though i’m kind of surprise they’re using Ash ’cause i thought he’s more of “i-d or Love” kind.

    Still, i guess that just proved that he’s a versatile model.

  2. LOVE sasha, but this is some freaky photoshop…their heads are practically detached from their bodies!

  3. the white background s a huge takes away form the supposed to be mood..wich bcoz of the studio background s nto hot anymore…coudn t do locaiton? lazy?

  4. Wow, is that Prada again? Prada Fall 09 is in almost every september editorial. And is it just me or does it look like she has a weird indent on her right cheek.

  5. Looks stupid. Lord of the ring ‘s Frodo on the cover??? sorry but I want to see something stylish and cool. And this is the September issue? I love Meisel, but this is not beautifull. the Rihanna cover is a lot better.

  6. Ash Stymest makes me want to kill myself, he is an awful model with an awful look I just simply cannot understand his appeal to anybody, let alone Steven Meisel.

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