Editorial Inspiration: Donna Jordan

Once you get past the main editorial and its glossy tribute to the timeless Jerry Hall, the new Vogue Italia offers you a look at another iconic blonde beauty of the 1970s. Though perhaps lesser known than some of her disco-era ilk, Donna Jordan ranks among the most influential models of all time. Before Lara Stone was even born, Donna was the bleach browed, gap-toothed beauty who set the trend. Whether she was being shot by photographers like Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin and Oliviero Toscani, or appearing in Andy Warhol films Donna demanded the attention of the fashion crowd. Paolo Roversi‘s colorful tribute to her unique style casts Iselin Steiro as the titular 70s beauty and captures her look wonderfully.


Donna covers Vogue Italia & Vogue Paris, 1970

With fellow super star, Pat Cleveland

Donna by Oliviero Toscani for Vogue Paris, 1972


‘A Singular Blond Beauty by Paolo Roversi- styled by Jacob K, Makeup by Sam Bryant | Image courtesy D and V Management, see the full story on D and V’s website

  1. I LOVE your Editorial Inspiration articles! Soooo inspiring for me as well! The one with Antonio Lopez was phenomenal! Would be nice to see more of past photographer’s work on MDC in the future! 🙂

  2. Very nice feature. I have seen the Oliviero Toscani image in the past whilst image blitzing but never knew any of the details.

    I have not heard of her prior to this but now quite glad to know her name, face and story.

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