1. Eva is beautiful but she really needs to stick to her acting career! Look out all “VICTORIA SECRET” models!
    Love, Dina B.

  2. Natural, beautiful, amazing – a rare and lucky find for Calvin Klein – my girl, Jacquelyn!!! A cut above them all!!! Love, Margie

  3. Resurgence for Ford? They definitely have a slew of nice new faces. Maybe it’s finally capitalizing on the potential of their girls Now if it can make sure they don’t lose its girls to Next/Women/IMG just as they’re finding some success.

  4. PERFECT. One word to describe this amazing girl. She has the look, not just an average girl look, but the MODEL look. Great find Calvin! Hope she does well, love to see more.

  5. Занятно пишете, жизненно. Все-таки, для того, чтобы делать интересный блог, нужно не только сообщать о чем-то, но и делать это в интересной форме:)

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