Tina by Tao

Among the standouts of Vogue Paris‘ September issue are Tao Okamoto‘s stunning turn as late fashion icon Tina Chow. With her flame red lips and intense presence, Tao channels Tina’s signature look but brings her own charm to Paola Kudacki‘s elegant jewelry themed story styled by Melanie Huynh. With each passing story Tao shows just why she’s becoming one of the most in demand faces around.

  1. Sorry but Tao is no Tina. Tina was a delicate wisp of a beauty. Tao may be considered exotic and beautiful by white ppl but to us Asians, she’s pretty but nothing special.

  2. I don’t see Tina here although these are beautiful photo.Eek is so right, most of the Asian models (Chinese or Japanese) are stand up in white people’s eyes but for Asian they are just normal, some can be ugly.

  3. eek, you speaking for ALL Asians is like Jennifer Lopez speaking for all of Latin America. Speaking as ONE of Asian background, I think Tao is special.

  4. I agree with you k, I too think Tao is an amazing model and yes speaking from an Asian person too. eek, don’t generalize us in one group UNTIL you talk to ALL of us.

  5. It’s funny, it seems a lot of ethnic people don’t “get” the girls that the industry picks out of their race to be high-fashion models.

    I know that a lot of Indians have strong feelings against Lakshmi and Kangata – they find them ugly and horrible. My take is that people tend to appreciate prettiness over edginess.

  6. WOW! I love Paola, Vogue Paris, AND Tao! by the way, I’m Asian and I absoluetly love Tao’s work. I was so excited that she was chosen to do the Ralph Lauren campaign! Hope things keep going well for her!

  7. I’m a caucasian person who thinks that Tao has awesome creative energy and is incredibly beautiful. Is that alright with everyone?

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