High Praise

As a model you know you’re on the right path when the greats like Steven Meisel andร‚ย Arthur Elgort are singing your praises. With her remarkable poise, tireless work ethic and sparkling personality Karlie Kloss has garnered some very big fans in high places. In the September issue of Vogue, Karlie is shot by Annie Leibovitz and we get a chance to find out just why she’s such a photographer favorite. Hear what some of fashion’s finest have to say about Ms. Kloss.

“She’s disciplined and has danceability, repetition and gorgeous legs. And she’s happy to hang up her clothes after each picture. She was first a Teen Vogue girl and I was so delighted to shoot with her – light on her feet, happy to work, like a young Christy Turlington.”
Arthur Elgort

“She’s an amazing model. She knows clothes. She has tons of energy. She will add things to the shoot that I would never have thought of. She thinks from the point of view of an editor and photographer, not just that of a model. When she’s allowed to be free, to be creative she’s at her best. She likes extreme things. She likes to go all the way.” – Steven Meisel


Karlie Kloss by Annie Leibowitz for Vogue US Sept 2009

  1. A true inspiration and artist/muse, America heralds in a true Supermodel. Bravo Karlie you deserve all that life offers you.

  2. Karlie Kloss is the modern day answer to what the supermodel was in the past. She embodies something bigger, something more grand than just a pretty face. NEXT + KLOSS served to be a great combo!!! I am waiting for Anna to give Karlie the nod for an only girl MODEL cover. GO KARLIE!

  3. Good fo her, but she doeasn’t impress me.

    Girl’s got the skills, but her face just does nothing for me. I think America can do better and bring a girl with more interesting look, more beautiful and more charismatic.

    But you never know, maybe one day Karlie will grow on me and I will understand the hype.

  4. I’m not a fan, but I’m happy to hear that someone so young is such a professional and a nice person, that is always good to hear.

  5. Karlie Kloss is extremely talented and she deserves it
    She brings personality into everything that she does
    Not only can she pose extremely well, she also has a very recognizable walk and her pictures exude a personality and a fire behind them
    She has legs that could kill!!
    you go Karlie!!

  6. if you ever see her in life she is breathtaking im serious

    at first when i saw the hype about her and saw her pics i was like errrrr..ok i guess didn’t really see what she was all about felt like ive seen so many girls with her look

    but when i ran into her in soho oh my godness my jaw dropped she is gorgeous poise, and bubbly beautiful in and out since then i just became a fan

    ๐Ÿ˜€ there something about her just makes you wanna work with her and she so sweet and cool

    go karlie!:D

  7. “She will add things to the shoot that I would never have thought of” – why models.com is using the above photo as an example of this I have no idea?! She looks so average and unoriginal?!

  8. Is Karlie gonna be the next Gisele???

    She’s definitely Raw like the really young Gisele ( dark haired, pale )

    can Karlie trump Lara Stone, who’s aggressively been pushed to the number 1 spot?

    well Karlie has all the Big Backers behind her…..
    I’m staying tune on this one?

  9. I Love KArlie! By Far my Favorite Model Right Now Besides The Obviously Regulars…lol… She Has Such Poise and grace Her faCE IS EXTRODINARY and i dont think ive seen such talent in a while from a model!! i wish daily that MDC> would move her up in the rankings!!!!!! but im sure it will happen one day tho it is deserved now!!

  10. wow! she really deserves praise. she’s done a great job of balancing modeling and school/personal life. i’m really impressed myself. pictures of her have such life to them…especially the French Vogue pics (Coco Dancer)…WOW! Karlie is amazing. nuff’ said.

  11. Karlie is bland. She does her job nicely, but there’s nothing remarkable about her presence. She’s average if you compare her to other models, like Lara (a force of nature, gorgeous and definitely not aiming to please), Sasha (alluring, mysterious and willing to change from work to work), Stam (dark and somehow dangerous), Lily (an english rose) or Eniko (innocent doll looks paired with a sexy body). And quit the “supermodel” thing. These days are over. Thank God. Time for down to earth models, not stuck up model celebrities.

  12. her walk and her stare caught my eye first time i saw her and i have been following her ever since.. go karlie!!

  13. yes, she’s extremely talented but I still think Karlie started modeling at way too young of an age. but then again, so many supers did the same.

    I noticed Karlie when I saw her editorial for Teen Vogue and I just thought she was gorgeous. Then I found out that she didn’t even start her first year of high school. And now she takes online classes. Good for her for continuing her academic work but it still saddens me that this young girl must grow up so fast with her job. Childhood passes before you know it (I should know…I turned 18 last year!) and she should’ve embraced it while she could. Is there anyone else out there who thinks the same?… ๐Ÿ™

  14. first time i saw her on catwalk i didnt like her,then i started loving her walk and her face and the way she talks shes very mature and smart,my favourite now.

  15. Karlie Kloss, like any other top models in her era, possesses something unique about her. Her graceful body, unique facial features plus the constellation, the presence and her personality is so ready in the business and the best is that she is so eager to know better and braver than some other models who only displays themselves without giving their ideas to the professionals. I think that’s why I like her to be a muse and a dear friend hopefully in the future. God bless you Karlie!

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