Shirt Tales

Fashion photography is continuously pushing the boundaries of just what fashion is but what happens when the pictures themselves become clothing? Solve Sundsbo and Surface to Air have joined forces for a unique project that combines captivating imagery with beautiful clothes, taking Solve’s iconic pictures from Art + Commerce’s archives and creating a limited edition collection of a limited edition of three printed silk dresses, three printed silk tops, and three bags. The final pieces are a unique addition to any wardrobe – not to mention a treat for fans of Solve’s photography. Find them at the world’s most exclusive stores or just go to the Art + Commerce shop, starting in September.


Surface to Air silk dress


Solve for Showstudio

  1. Alexander McQueen’s 2003 Shipwreck collection? Really? Are you sure it is reminiscent and not… um… completely different? The technology, design, cut… styling… everything? Well, everything other than the pretty colors.

  2. Evolve,

    The concept is very similar. Bird feathers of what seems to be the scarlet macaw or the aforementioned arara (and yes, the colors) as the primary print. Which is not to say this is bad.

    Drop the condescending attitude.

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