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It is always nice to see Joan Smalls‘ smiling face on a magazine covers, so the newest issue of Vogue Turkey is an automatic delight. Shot by Cuneyt Akeroglu and featuring a smiling, dancing Joan doing what she does best – adding a touch of vibrancy to each image with her trademark poise. Akeroglu’s gorgeous black and white shots put Joan’s grace to good use, making her looking as elegant as is humanly possible. All in all the issue provides a fitting showcase for the world’s number one model – call us biased, but we’re especially partial to the shoutout in the interview!

Joan Smalls by Cuneyt Akeroglu for Vogue Turkey | Images courtesy of Cuneyt Akeroglu

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  1. Awesome. Loving Joan Loving the Editorial and Loving that she is now nabbing many Vogue Covers.
    A gorgeous Latina Women. Who’s not only representing Latinos well, but representing many people and also many people of colour with her Multi ethnic background and positive attitude.
    This is only the beginning, bigger things are to come. I bet my life on it!

  2. This is stunning! Beautiful!!! its simple but full of life, there is something about it that is so festive. I cant stop staring at.

  3. I am sorry but I still think this girl has a long way to go. She is stunning, of course, but still I think she is not a number 1. Raquel Z. is, Natasha P. is, Daria W. is, but Joan S. still needs some more important work before becoming a number 1….

  4. She’s already on top and with such a lucrative cosmetics contract, and the non stop editorals and covers. May I add the MTV show. Bravo Joan ! Colored Girl breaking rules and boundries ! Love this !

  5. I agree that she is beautiful but she has some bad editorials and covers in the past. I think in this story photographer showed his real talent, captured Joan amazingly, well done!

  6. Yeah Joan!!!!! Her best editorial ever!!!!

    Speaking about Daria, I MISS HER!!!!!! Daria is a true STAR, so stunning as all. I wish she could make a comeback, her constant Vogue Paris features aren’t enough for me :/

  7. You can not argue with beauty. No one can argue that Joan hasn’t the natural physical dimensions preferred by the best photographers and designers. The light loves her hue – offering her skin to be any shade needed. The clothes become the subject as they can be seen as dynamic even within a static frame draped onto a statue created by God and maintained by Joan’s commitment to this business.

  8. OMG how did i not see this yet!!!!! I love it so much. I’m an even bigger fan of her vogue japan cover this month and the editorial!!

  9. Where’s her Vogue Japan cover and editorial?! she’s stunning here but IMO maybe you could’ve done a post that included both covers and editorials at the same time.

  10. Aside from the jacket on the cover, the pose and her amazing smile work very well altogether!!! Is it fiercely editorial-esque? No. Is it gorgeous? Yes. In the end I prefer beauty over weird / too avant-garde looks. The b&w pictures are ‘pretty’ but not strong enough, they look too simple but not in the pose or make-up and hair (which has been weirdly styled or badly photoshopped for me) but in the photography, the photographer took them but the light and angles he’s chosen make the pics very amateur-looking. However the photos in color are very nice: it all feels very fresh, very energetic, fashion, cool, young. The opening photo of the editorial though is wrong, what fashion editor could go with that pose??? She looks small, the pose doesn’t do anything for the model, we barely see her neck and the whole thing looks rigid. It looks like Vogue Turkey is still learning as a magazine, it would be nice to see them master the way of picking photos and to not put a ridiculous jacket on a glamorous dress on the cover. It’s not Joan’s fault in this case but the general feeling I get in the end, after seeing it all, is that they could have done much much better, but it’s not a utter mess.

  11. Go Joan! This is her best cover and editorial ever!!!
    Look at her, she is happy, sparkling and looking gorgeous!GORGEOUS!

  12. She,Liu and Consatance are really beautiful in the Estee Lauder 2012 hoilday campiagn “be gifted” .I love the EL’s girls so much!

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