1. Jaw on the floor.

    They always compliment each other so well but this may very well be amongst their best.

    Kate looks alive and well.
    Sadly her skills are often underutilized but she can obviously craft visceral, moving images as seen here. I would love to see more of Kate in this emotive, architectural context.

    Naomi is simply a Goddess. Toned up and out!

    Naomi and Joan bare resemblance.

  2. Why do you call it controversial cover?! This cover is just AMAZING, and that is a fact!
    Why you americans are always so afraid of showing a woman´s nipple?
    What is controversial about that? It is just mother’s nature!

    And anyway Naomi´s nipples are just amazing!!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. Very beautifull photos, especialy the eyes of Kate that appears on the last page with the flower around her neck look very expressive with the eye make up. And the curls of her hair make the image brighter.

  4. Naomi and Joan look nothing alike. They used too much PS on Naomi but Kate looks more alive than she has in years. The bare cover is lovely. Never seen a boob look so classy.

  5. My compliments to the Photoshop operator, he or she must be suffering from chronic carpel tunnel syndrome.

  6. Usually bored of seeing Kate but this is a wonderful cover and editorial. Naomi looks amazing. I find it interesting that Russian editions/publications feature Naomi on a more regular basis than other countries including UK.

  7. i absolutely love and adore this editorial!
    kate looks amazing and naomi looks so easy and chic


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