5 Vogue beauties

The new Paris Vogue has a story, Ça, C’est Paris by Peter Lindbergh, styled by Carine Roitfeld. Peter has done incredible location stories for Vogue Italia with some of the most iconic models of all time. Stern Magazine published his 1st fashion photographs in 1978, marking three decades that the legendary lensman has been at the forefront of fashion photography.

Looks like these 5 are anointed as the next generation. Carine and Peter most definitely are fans of models who are women and not just “girls”. Photo: via tFS,scanned by Diorette.

Clockwise from left: Sasha P, Natasha Poly, Catherine McNeil, Lily Donaldson, Doutzen Kroes

Photo: Peter Lindbergh for Paris Vogue, June 08

  1. Great shot. Doutzen looks perfect here. The black and white format and their faces adds to the gorgeousness of the shot. The two in the front on Doutzen’s sides (Sasha and..is that Lilly ?) should have been placed in the back or their bodies should have been covered up as they look a little too weirdly thin.

  2. Incredible, Doutzen doesn’t even have to try– her face is the natural model look, it’s so authentic. The other women are gorgeous, but their expressions don’t look genuine.

  3. these 5 beauties must be inmortalized as well… I just love them! what they represent, ehat they are, it´s better than art… They the ART itself

  4. Love Lily Donaldson and Catherine mcneil they have a very high fashion look. Doutzen is going to be around for a very long time but i thihk she is more commercial than any of the girls in the I.T french girls photo. Natasha poly she is a very for the moment model but i think it is a face we have seen before and will see again.

  5. doutzen kroes could be denise richards younger sister … but doutzen is 10x better looking… her face is perfection.

    …but her personality is a lil boring

  6. Doutzen was my model of the week a while ago so I had the pleasure of meeting her. While her personality is definitely more mellow than Karen Elson’s, I believe that she is similar to a lot of Dutch people; very laid back, not in your face, pretty relaxed about life. So it might seem more “boring” but it’s more that she’s more calm about life.


  7. that is fabilous very good.doutzen is kool, beutiful,alot of good comment about her.i wich i wiil meet her,other lady are ok too but i like doutzen.

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