Pretty Persuasion

Freja Beha Erichsen is the go to girl for tough, rebel chic but its always nice to see something from her that is softer. For Vogue Russia Willy Vanderperre mixes hard and soft and creates a story that plays to Freja’s strengths while showing a slightly different side of the Danish beauty. Freja manages to look delicate but never loses her edge and Katie Grands flawless styling brings it all together with Freja wearing some of the seasons most interesting pieces like they were a second skin.





  1. I loathe to bring up these kinds of issues in forums, but I do find Freja’s evolvution interesting and how her sexuality has now become part of her trademark as a model.

    When she had long hair and even after the cut she was almost the archetypal Chloe girl: soft, feminine and aloof. But as she grows into a woman I think the real her is coming out and there is now an intensity that is making for stronger pictures.

    It proves that good models exude energy that comes from within.

  2. I didn’t recognize her in the first pic. You know what I like the 2nd and 4th pics…’s just so real and so enigmatic…….I like Freja here! It’s just so damn nice…

  3. I usually love Freja and I admire Van der Perre’s work, but it seems that they both had not their best day!

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