1. I don’t hate her because she’s beautiful. I think the people at HB have made a huge mistake putting her on the cover of the magazine. She’s famous for no other reason than the fact that she’s dating George Clooney. There are far more attractive people out there that are worthy of the cover – not her. I find it rather funny that George speaks out about Paris Hilton for being famous and talentless. He should be looking at his girlfriend, for she famous for doing nothing other than dating him.

  2. For everyone’s information, this is not a cover. Nous never mentions that this is a cover, only that this is on the newsstands right now. It is an inside page only in Bazaar.


  3. Betty, you do a moon walk better than Jackson.

    It looks like a cover, press covered it as if it were a cover, no one corrected all the mainstream press from People to the deadC blog discussed it as a cover.

    I sure don’t see you telling THEM it’s not a cover. Or have you? Or will you?

    She’s only “It” until GC tags the next girl, 15:00:01, 15:00:02….tick tick

  4. Well it seems as though the headline of that HB spread should be “footloose, fancy free, dumped by George – is she still the IT girl?” What modeling agency is she going to have now that Georgie boy isn’t endorsing her? Still going to stick with her?

  5. You must have pulled my comments because they were too truthful or because you are so embarrassed that you even agreed to meet with her….maybe both!
    BTW….she earned her departure!! ROTFLMAO!!

  6. To Jenny,
    People Magazine and the like are not posting on our blog; they can write whatever incorrect things they want on their sites.

    As for you Taz, we didn’t pull your comments because we never published them in the first place. While we definitely do put up negative feedback, the amount of vitriol that was spewed over Nous Models’ post was just ridiculous. If you don’t like her, just move on! Don’t bother posting! Spend your time on people and things that are more “worthy” of your time. I saw that you tried to post 3 times!! Don’t you have anything better to do?

    And if you actually were a little more insightful, you’ll see that Nous has nothing to do with the comments, they didn’t pull any comments… Or did you mean Models.com met with her, because we did not, Nous her agency put up the post.

    I have nothing invested in Sarah, I have no opinion about her other than to say that Nous, her agency is really a wonderful agency; but I have to say that for all you haters out there, next time you see a post like this, just skip over it!


  7. Yup, I’ll just get over “it.”

    Clooney has.

    However, thank you for the clarification that you (the site) are not the original poster and the the Agency is responsible for the content.

  8. Jenny,
    You can always see at the top of the post who put up the story,.
    Under the title, it will say the date of the post and then who was the original poster.


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