This Charming Man

Where do we begin with Joseph Dolce, the VMan/Ford Models contest winner with the fashionable name and unforgettable face. Considering the heights reached by former V Man winners – campaigns, covers, catwalk struts – it’s safe to say we’ve got high expectations for Mr. Dolce. VMan introduces him to the world via a special video by CyCy Sanders, that provides an animated glimpse into the surreal life of a male model. Inside the magazine, Philippe Vogelenzang and Tom Van Dorpe (Paris: Management + Artists, New York: Management + Artists) give a different take on things, with their down to earth, boy next door editorial, while Mario Sorrenti and Robbie Spencer take all the finalists into extreme territory with a sleek menswear story.

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joseph dolce vman teaser from on Vimeo.

Ph. Philippe Vogelenzang | Fashion Editor – Tom Van Dorpe (Paris: Management + Artists, New York: Management + Artists)

Ph. Mario Sorrenti | Fashion Editor – Robbie Spencer

  1. Joe Dolce is a very beautiful young man! I have just gone back to school to learn photography and to learn to dabble as a fashion photographer. I would love to be big enough to work with this young man. He looks like he is so versatile!

  2. Nothing special – only handsome.
    For example: Danny is so much more unique and iconic !!!
    As a photographer I’m already tired of the Jon Kortajarena, James Dean, Lars Burmeister lookalikes

  3. DJ, What part of ANY of these men look like james dean?
    What is wrong with male models looking like MEN?
    I guess my chances are shot if the little boy look is still in for whatever reason.

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