Derelict Diva

With the recession in full swing and fashion labels, magazine and consumers feeling the crunch W taps into the worst fear of every fashionista – the moment when designer obsession leads to dire straits. In September’s fashion blow out Sasha Pivovarova plays the world’s chicest vagrant as she camps out on the streets in little more than torn bags from luxury stores. Alex Whites creative styling turns a Dior shopping bag into a little white dress and Craig McDean‘s slick photography makes the whole affair strangely compelling but given the sad state of things this ironic editorial isn’t entirely far fetched.





  1. very cool idea really love it. sasha interpretation is outstanding she’s so perfect and the pictures are more than perfect ,gorgeus and a little bit dark very cool

  2. I think this is explotation at its worst possible conception. Fashion snobbery and insensitivity in full swing. This people don’t know a day without heating or AC, let alone walk in those very streets at night without a 2K fur coat. This is revolting, and really insulting to poor people everywhere. Fashion oficially ran out of stupid ideas, and now is flirting with some evil and destructive ones. I think that’s what too much coke and money does to your brain. Power to the people

  3. the whole homeless couture thing has been done to death.. but this interpretation is cool!! love the shopping bag prada dress haha..

  4. omg i love how they used the shopping bags as clothes!
    specialy prada since prada is all about the skirts!

  5. Sasha is amazing. She deserves to be in the top 5 models for a long time. I hope she continues to produce such nice work.

  6. Andy,

    I dig what your saying and the PC perspective in general. However there is also merit in pushing buttons and commenting on the milieu of the day. There are thousands of people who obsess over fashion and will spend their last pennies on labels in times both good and rough, just to be associated with the notion of luxury.

    I think this ed comments on that and I would rather see this and have a conversation about it than have it censored due to political correctness. It’s what freedom of speech and living in a free society is all about.

  7. I can never get enough of Sasha. She deserves a VP cover, casue she’s way much better than the ubiquitous borrring Ms.Stone!

  8. Eamon,

    You know, I didnt see it that way. You’re right. God bless irony.
    It was never my intention to censor anything, least of all out of political correctness. If anything, I was being humane. Then again, I reacted almost instantly, missing all the subtleties you so rightly describe.

  9. i will never get why McDean work so much….one image could be Klein another could be Meisel some others Demarchelier…there s not identity n personaly at all…but i guess some1 at art&commerce really love him to have pushed him so far…
    btw the styling n the art direciton s very sool

  10. Brenda if you mean the socks in the third pic… No, the socks are Miu Miu… but the coat and the belt are Prada

    Sasha is amazing… obviously one of the best among Natasha, that’s why they are in number 2, Nobody else deserve to be in that spot more that this russian girls

  11. Oh my god my jaw dropped i LOVED this loved loved loved and Sasha is perfect in this i feel like shes one of the few models that can portray any emotion threw her eyes LOVE here

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