East Meets West

Asia and its diverse cultures have long had an unmistakable impact on the industry, but in recent years the influence has been especially prevalent. The growth of the Asian market and the rise of a new generation of influential Asian talents has prompted designers and photographers to look East in search of inspiration. The F/W runways were filled with pieces whose details seemed cribbed from traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fashions. Two fresh editorials showcase the season’s East Asian-inspired fashions in uniquely beautiful ways.

First Fabien Baron reinterprets the myth of the samurai in Interview with a striking and suitably stark story that owes as much to history as it does to larger-than-life, action-packed anime. Meghan Collison stars in Baron’s expressive fantasy and brandishes a katana as she poses in looks from Haider Ackermann, Gareth Pugh, and Issey Miyake. Karl Templer‘s styling prowess is on full display, even as he mixes together the perfect modern approximation of the samurai look. | View the full story on Interview.com

Vogue China‘s interpretation is no less elegant, but the approach is softer and sexier. Karim Sadli shoots the always alluring Liu Wen in pieces that focus on rich embroidery and detailed pattern. Set against the refined backdrop of an airy drawing room and featuring a host of Balmain, Proenza, and Dries van Noten selected by Alastair McKimm, the story offers an alternative imagining of this look. There are no well-dressed warriors or brandished swords, just a beautiful girl looking especially chic.

Interview Magazine
Ph. Fabien Baron
Fashion Editor – Karl Templer
Hair – Luigi Murenu | Makeup – Francelle Daly
Model – Meghan Collison

Zac Posen jacket, Maison Martin Margiela gloves

Haider Ackermann jacket, skirt and belt, Issey Miyake collar, Calvin Klein collar

Gareth Pugh top, collar and boots, Issey Miyake pants

Nicolas Andreas Taralis top

Meghan Collison by Fabien Baron for Interview, November 2012

Vogue China
Ph. Karim Sadli
Fashion Editor – Alastair McKimm
Hair – Yannick D’Is (Paris: Management + Artists, New York: Management + Artists) | Makeup – Yadim

Proenza Schouler dress, Dior shoes

Balmain vest and mini dress, Dior shoes

Dries Van Noten blazer

Jean Paul Gaultier robe,

Liu Wen by Karim Sadli for Vogue China December 2012

  1. Asia was referenced a lot during the fall/winter collections. I also i’m just in love with the editorial with Meghan Collison. Liu looks great as always.

  2. So fresh…

    The Meghan Collison spread is truly sensational. Talk about vision.

    Liu’s edit is sharp and quite warm.
    The detailed work, textures and form of each garment is so well-captured.

  3. the first image of the Baron shoot s SENSATIONAL the rest of the shoot so predictable and so all the other images .. asia s always been a huge reference !

  4. Truman is right!….

    The first image of Baron really is a fantastic and unique image…i wish he had gone that direction but no…creativity left the building after that shot


  5. As usual, they make no distinction between different Asian cultures. Indians and Arabs are also Asian but Asian seems to mean only South East Asian to them.

  6. Yeah as usual no south east asia or Indians or Arabs. If no one knew.. They are the richest in culture in the whole world.

  7. Which reiterates the case as to why art directors/ photographers, editors of growing geo-specific glossies etc. especially those being of diverse heritage, would do well to employ a richer approach to culture-based output.

    It is certainly easy and safe to decipher the merits of image composition, aside from social context but amidst the here and now, it is increasingly difficult to ignore.

  8. I do not like the spread very much. And the almost funny interpretation of ‘Asian’ among industry’s leading figures. Should look far and deeper into the diverse Asian and not limited to just the 3 countries, which in a general take, looks alike. Not ready for beauties that do not have slanted eyes but are still Asian?

  9. Im with Truman and Eduardo. Nothing special re: Meghan’s wannabe ninja, so old and tired. First image is stunning though.

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